12 Reasons Disney Is The Most Magical Place On Earth

Goofy at Tusker House Restaurant

If you’re a Disney World fan you are probably used to questions like, ‘don’t you want to go anywhere else on vacation?’ or ‘why do you keep going back to Disney?’ And we all know the simple answer is, ‘because Disney is the most magical place on earth!’ But what is it that makes Disney the most magical place on earth? Here are just 12 of the many, many reasons Disney is so magical.

12. Cinderella Castle

There is something truly enchanting about Cinderella Castle. The first moment you catch a glimpse of it at the end of Main Street, the castle just exudes magic and pulls you in towards it. The castle makes us believe we are in a magical land.

11. Characters

Where else can you meet a true Disney princess, or have your photo taken with Mickey Mouse? Disney World is the only place to meet, greet and get a big hug from your favorite Disney characters. Disney goes above and beyond to make these character meet and greet experiences a truly wonderful and memorable experience. There’s nothing quite like getting a photo with your favorite Disney character.

10. Mickey Ears

Disney parks are the only place where Disney fans can really let loose and show their Disney side, and this includes wearing Mickey ears. There are so many variations on the classic Mickey ears that the possibilities seem endless. Whether you’ve purchased yours from the parks, or have a custom DIY version, wearing Mickey ears among fellow Disney fans is a magical feeling.

9. The Music

Disney fans go crazy for theme park music and soundtracks, and that’s because it reminds us of the magic at Disney. Everywhere you go there is a different soundscape or soundtrack, helping to the world you’re currently escaping to. Sometimes the music is the familiar song from a Disney movie, other times it’s attraction music we’ve come to know and love. Either way, the music makes the magic come alive.

8. Nostalgia

Everywhere you look at Disney there is something to make you feel nostalgic. It could be something that reminds you of your first trip, or it could be something that reminds you of your favorite Disney movie from your childhood. Whatever it is, there is a warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with feeling nostalgic, especially at Disney World.

7. Cast Members/Customer Service

These two go hand in hand. Disney has some of the best customer service out there, and that’s because of their incredible cast members. No matter what their job is, they help make Disney a magical place. They make guests feel welcome as they wave help, they keep the attractions running, they keep the parks clean and they’re happy to see you and help you have the best experience possible when visiting Disney World.

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6. Mickey Shaped Food

A Mickey shaped snack feels like a little extra pixie dust as been added to its ingredient list. A Mickey pretzel or ice cream bar is more magical than any ordinary pretzel or ice cream bar. And it tastes better too!

5. Disney’s Magical Express

If arriving at Orlando International Airport, you can take Disney’s Magical Express. This is the perfect way to start your vacation. The free shuttle whisks you away from the airport on a Disney themed coach bus and takes you to your resort. They even take care of your luggage for you, so you don’t have a thing to worry about. This service is your first encounter with Disney magic on your vacation.

4. Fireworks Every Night

One of the best ways to celebrate something special, or mark an occasion is to watch fireworks, and Disney has fireworks every night! Watching Happily Ever After, or Epcot Forever, makes every trip to the parks feel magical. No matter how many times you’ve seen the night time spectacular shows, fireworks make it feel as if you’ve just celebrated something wonderful, and you have, because being at Disney is something to celebrate!

3. Magic Bands

It’s all in the name. Those simple, colourful bands do so much they really do seem magical. They are your ticket into the park, your room key, they can be linked to your resort room account making it possible to charge purchases to your room, they hold your dining plan meal credits, and they even are linked to your PhotoPass pictures. What can’t Magic Bands do?!

2. The Attractions 

Disney attractions are full to the brim with magic. Whether it’s a stage show attraction or one of the Disney mountain rides, there is no shortage of pixie dust. The attractions transport you somewhere else, they make you believe in fairies, happy endings and that you can do anything your heart desires. Disney attractions make anything seem possible.

1. Immersive

It could be argued that the word immersive is over used when describing Disney, but it’s also a word that perfectly describes Disney. Whether you are at a Disney resort, a mini golf course, a water park or in a standby line at Magic Kingdom, guests will find themselves completely and utterly immersed in whatever world and story Disney is creating. Nothing is there by accident, thought and intention goes into every detail, and that makes the experience at Disney so immersive. It’s being fully immersed into these worlds that make Disney the perfect escape from reality, taking guests inside castles, to the days of yesteryear and even into the future. This is what makes Disney the most magical place on earth.

About Lauren Repei

Lauren lives in Hamilton Ontario, but dreams of one day moving to Orlando to be closer to the Magic Kingdom. She loves the atmosphere, the history, the magic of the parks and Dole Whips, so she’s always in the midst of planning her next vacation. In the meantime, she spends her days working for the family business as a baker, and as a travel agent specializing in Disney with ClicktheMouse. Lauren’s most memorable Disney moment by far, is when she became engaged in front of Cinderella Castle making it her best Disney vacation to date.