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Has Disney Priced out the Middle Class? We Did the Math

Disney cost

Disney is expensive. That’s a given. No one who claims to be a fan of Disney Parks is under any illusion that it is cheap. However, many are still shocked to see just how expensive the parks have gotten. If you visit infrequently or took a break during the COVID-19  Pandemic, the sticker shock may be a bit much.  I’ve ...

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Eat Like a King: A Dinner Review of Cinderella’s Royal Table

Cinderella's Royal Table

When someone says Walt Disney World- what image comes to your mind? Most of us would have to say we picture Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom. I remember my first trip there and the disappointment of realizing that I could not fulfill my dream of walking into the castle and looking out over the Magic Kingdom. If you or your ...

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Sip This, Skip That: Cocktails In Hollywood Studios

Cocktails in hollywood studios

There is nothing like experiencing Walt Disney World as a kid. It is wondrous to meet your favorite characters and walk into the worlds previously only seen in your imagination. But a close second is visiting Disney World as an adult, and experiencing those worlds of your childhood, while also taking time to enjoy some great awesome cocktails around the ...

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Run Like Baymax: Why You Should Try a RunDisney Race

run like baymax rundisney races

Have you ever had a Disney movie moment where you just felt like you knew exactly what a character was going through? Like they were describing you and your life. My moment came while watching Big Hero 6 when the main character Hiro screams “Run!” He turns to see Baymax plodding slowly behind him at a snail’s pace replying “I ...

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Intriguing Spaceship Earth Details No One Talks About


Every Guest who visits the Walt Disney World Resort is familiar with Spaceship Earth, the iconic structure and symbol of EPCOT that can be found just inside the main entrance to the Disney Park in the World Celebration neighborhood. The attraction opened with EPCOT on October 2, 1982, and has seen some minor changes throughout the years while maintaining a ...

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Dos and Don’ts from a Disney Local

goofy mailbox

Do you know all about the parks in your neighborhood and all the best areas, hiking trails, or playgrounds to enjoy there? Most likely, you do. The same can be said about those who call Disney World their local Park. To get the most out of your trip to Walt Disney World, hit the Parks like a local. Here are ...

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Disney Makes a BIG Change to Hotel Room Bookings

Disney hotels

Disney has made a BIG change to room-only bookings. In the past, guests were able to book their hotel room 500 days in advance. According to the Disney Travel Agents site, as of August 19, 2022, that will no longer be an option.  This change means guests will only be able to book a room-only hotel reservation during the same ...

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Don’t Miss These Details on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith


Disney’s Hollywood Studios is home to some of the most thrilling attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort and many Guests love to spend time in the Disney Park enjoying high speeds, daring adventures, and more. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith is one of the most thrilling attractions in Hollywood Studios and features an immersive story and experience that ...

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You’ve been to Disney World 6,784,021 times, but we’ll bet you’ve NEVER seen these photos that tell the rest of the story

walt disney with mickeys and haunted mansion

For Disney superfans, there’s no such thing as visiting Disney World or Disneyland too much. That concept is altogether inconceivable, and it’s why they become frustrated when asked, “You’re going again?” (Cue the conglomerate eye-roll.) And while we’re at it–the answer is yes. Yes, we are those terrible “Disney Adults” you’ve heard so much about! RELATED: “Disney Adults” are awful ...

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