8 Things Money Can’t Buy At Walt Disney World

Credit: DisneyDining.com

When you’re spending time at Disney World Resort, you’ll likely notice that they’ve thought of nearly everything. From food to transportation, they ensure you have everything you need, meaning you never have to step foot off of Disney property for the entirety of your vacation. This is really amazing, and can make vacationing at Disney World Resort one of the most magical experiences of your life. Unfortunately, this magic can be ruined, and the most likely cause of a ruined vacation is realizing that all of your needs are met, but some of your wants are not. In order to properly prepare you, we’ve compiled a list of the select few things money simply cannot buy at Disney World Resort. By knowing that your credit card and cash won’t help you acquire these things going in, you can avoid disappointment later, and fully enjoy your get away.

1. Gum

Gum is not sold in any Disney parks. You see, this sticky stuff is really difficult to clean up, and because the folks at Disney don’t want their maintenance staff spending hours upon hours cleaning up gum each day, they made the decision to skip selling it altogether. Obviously, this doesn’t mean a few pieces don’t make their way into the parks, but by not selling the stuff, the company is able to cut back on gum usage drastically.

2. Lids and Straws

When you order a drink at Animal Kingdom, the first thing you’ll probably notice is that it doesn’t have a lid. The second thing you’ll realize is that there are no plastic straws to be found. This is intentional, and while it can be irritating to some people, it is for good reason. Straws and lids have a way of making their way into animal enclosures, and they can easily cause harm to the cuddly creatures there. Therefore, lids and plastic straw are banned at Animal Kingdom, and anyone seen with either of these items will be asked to toss them. On the bright side, you can pick up paper straws at just about any restaurant in Animal Kingdom, including the Starbucks in Creature Comforts. Take note – Disney is slowly getting rid of the plastic straws and lids across all parks but introducing paper straws to more and more locations. 

3. Balloons (at Animal Kingdom)

Balloons are another thing you won’t find in Animal Kingdom. Once again, this is for safety reasons, as popped balloons can easily be ingested and cause digestive and breathing problems. For this reason, the balloon you purchased back in Magic Kingdom will need to be left in your hotel room. Otherwise, you’ll likely be asked to throw it away.

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4. FastPasses (Well, mostly!)

FastPasses are magical things. After all, who doesn’t like walking onto their favorite rides with little to no wait? That said, these amazing little tickets-to-fun are somewhat limited. Each guest is allowed three FastPasses initially, and may make another after the first three have been used. They may continue scheduling additional FastPasses throughout the day, but can only schedule one at a time and must use the previous one before any others can be scheduled. Obviously, this makes it difficult to use more than 6 or so FastPasses in a day. While FastPasses are not up for purchase for most guests, a new addition provides Club Level Resort guests the option of purchasing three additional FastPasses per day. This Club Level add-on is $50 per day per person, plus tax. So, yes, money can’t buy FastPasses for most guests… but Club Level now has the go ahead!

5. Certain Sodas

Every eatery in Disney World has sodas available. Pepsi products, Dr. Pepper, and most diet sodas cannot be found on Disney property, so be sure to go in prepared with your own cans of soda should you prefer one of these options.

6. True Identities

One of the most fun things to do at Disney parks is meet characters. Of course, most adults realize that these characters are really just actors, leading them to wonder about the true identities of their new friends. If you find yourself wondering this very same thing, don’t bother asking. The Disney cast members will never reveal their true identities, and will answer all questions in character. In fact, these actors don’t even tell people which characters they play on social media. This is to preserve the magic of Disney World, and we think it’s working.

7. Glass Packaging

Prefer to drink your bubbly beverages from glass bottles? You’ll have to give that up while in Disney. Bottles, jars, and other packaging made from glass are all prohibited. This is because the glass could potentially break and become hazardous. This is certainly reason enough in our opinion, and we have no problem sticking with plastic while in the parks.

8. Patience

There’s no doubt that Disney World is a super fun place. That said, there are times when the crowd levels, heat, and noise can get to you, leaving you feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, and even downright grumpy. This is where a heaping helping of patience comes in handy, but if you’ve used all of your patience up for the day, you’ll want to find a way to acquire some more. Unfortunately, this is something you simply cannot buy no matter where you are, and for all their magic and pixie dust, Disney World cannot bottle up patience to sell. However, Disney does sell Starbucks coffee, something that might work as a decent substitute.

Besides these 8 things, you should be able to find the vast majority of items you need and want in Disney World Resort. Therefore, as long as you pack your favorite Pepsi products, toss in plenty of patience, and let go of crazy fantasies of unlimited FastPasses, you should be good to go!

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