The One Halloween Candy You Won’t Find at Walt Disney World

Halloween Candy Walt Disney World

The spookiest night of the year is upon Walt Disney World. October 31, better known as Halloween, is approaching quickly. After celebrating the frightening festivities since August, little ghouls and gals are preparing for one last night of not-so-scary fun at Magic Kingdom, complete with plenty of Halloween candy, festive parades, shows, and, of course, Mickey Mouse.

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Despite the plethora of Kit Kats, Sour Patch Kids, and candy bars, guests to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party may be surprised to learn that among the chocolate, candy apples, and candy corn, there’s one particular flavorful Halloween candy they won’t find at Walt Disney World. You’d probably think we’re talking about any Halloween candy that contains peanut butter, as many suffer from deathly allergies to the snack, taking goodies like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups off of the menu for Halloween.

However, you’d be wrong, as you can easily find peanut butter favorites all throughout Magic Kingdom alongside Tootsie Pops, M&Ms, and Snickers, and not just during your trick-or-treating time during Disney World’s Halloween festivities. In actuality, these allergy-inducing snacks can be purchased all year long throughout Walt Disney World at Resorts and Parks.

Halloween Candy

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One item you won’t find at Walt Disney World amongst the creamy peanut butter goodness, sticky caramel eats, and gooey gummy treats is chewing gum! No, it isn’t due to allergies to Wintergreen or Spearmint; instead, Walt Disney World doesn’t sell or give gum during its Halloween party at Magic Kingdom in an effort to ensure a clean, gum-free environment for guests.

If you’ve been to Disney World, you’ve probably noticed that sometimes the railing and touchpoints around the four theme parks feel sort of oily and grimy. Of course, this is because thousands of people are touching the same spots each and every day. Now imagine those same areas if guests were constantly sticking gum under them.

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If there’s one certainty regarding human beings, it’s that we all know how to make a mess. If the onslaught of discarded cups, forks, and plates is any indication, not making gum readily available at Disney World was a brilliant choice despite its association with other Halloween candy.

Gum is not to be confused as a prohibited item at Disney World. You can still bring it in and enjoy it during your day. However, once you run out, you won’t find it within the confines of Walt Disney World. If you’re looking for a quick sugar pick-me-up, you’ll have to rely on other Halloween candy varieties while visiting Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

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The “gum-sell band” doesn’t just apply during Halloween. You won’t find gum at any point and time for sale at Walt Disney World. Despite the inconvenience, especially for those who use chewing gum as an alternative to using nicotine, which is entirely banned within the parks. the power move makes perfect sense, as gum can create a nasty mess which is difficult to clean properly as opposed to chocolate or caramel.

Unlike peanut butter treats, milk chocolate bars, and other variable sweets, chewing gum may not be high on your list as a “proper score” during your trick-or-treating around Magic Kingdom. Still, some really enjoy having a stick or two lying around when needed. Don’t believe me, just pull out a fresh pack of gum around friends and family and see how long it lasts! Although not as delightful as chocolate, gum has earned its place among Halloween candy, but we appreciate that it isn’t readily available at Disney World.

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So, this Halloween, if you’re looking for something outside of the traditional Kit Kat, candy corn, or milk chocolate options for your Magic Kingdom trick-or-treating, you’ll have to order or head out into Orlando for chewing gum.

What are you favorite Halloween candy options?

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