The Biggest Reason NOT to Visit Disney During Halloween or the Holidays

Disney Halloween and Holidays
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Are you thinking about planning a trip to Disney during Halloween or the holidays? While the Parks are known for their magical holiday celebrations, there’s one important reason you may want to think twice before scheduling your visit during this time.

Don’t Overlook This Major Disney Downfall

All over the world, fans know and adore Disney Parks for their incredible holiday celebrations. Disney goes all out when it comes to the Halloween season and the Holiday season. During these times, the Parks are covered in magical decorations with special treats, entertainment, parades, and character interactions.

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Because of the immersive holidays, many fans dream of visiting Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort during these seasons. However, if you are a first-time visitor or just someone who isn’t able to frequent the Parks very often, visiting the Parks during these seasons may actually be a grave mistake for one reason.

Crowds. Yes, you heard it right. The biggest reason not to visit Disney during Halloween or the holidays is the sheer number of people who flock to the Parks during these special times. As you can imagine, the Parks can become incredibly crowded, with everyone wanting to experience the festive atmosphere and enjoy the holiday-themed events and decorations.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Disney handles crowds exceptionally well. They have intricate systems in place to manage the influx of visitors, such as Disney’s Genie Plus service and virtual queues. However, even with these measures, the Parks can still be overwhelmingly busy during the holidays. Long lines and wait times for attractions are almost inevitable, and you might find yourself spending more time queuing than actually experiencing the magic of Disney.

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Haunted Mansion Holiday

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Long Wait Times Affect Disney Holiday Experience

But why does the high footfall during the holidays affect your experience? Well, picture this: long lines for popular rides can quickly eat up hours of your day, leaving you with less time to explore and enjoy everything the Parks offer. Just enjoying the Holiday lights, music, and ambiance down Main Street USA is enough for a regular Park visitor. However, for people who don’t visit often, Holiday crowds may detour you from getting to experience the rides and attractions that Disney is known for.

All this week, fans have noticed the incredibly high wait times. Disneyland Resort’s Haunted Mansion attraction even reported wait times of over four hours this week!

This past Saturday Night
byu/Sir_Idols inDisneyland

While the holidays at Disney are undeniably special, be aware that the high volume of visitors seeking holiday magic can lead to crowded parks and longer wait times. If you’re willing to navigate the crowds and plan ahead, you can still have an amazing time. However, if you prefer a more relaxed and less crowded experience, it might be wise to consider visiting a Disney destination during a quieter time of the year. Ultimately, the choice is yours – just make sure you’re prepared for the holiday hoopla!

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