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Upcoming ‘Star Wars’ Project to Be Creator’s “Magnum Opus”

star wars andor season 2

Andor (2022) is a thrilling, action-packed series set in the expansive Star Wars universe. The show follows the character Cassian Andor, played by Diego Luna, a dedicated Rebel Alliance member willing to do whatever it takes to fight against the oppressive Galactic Empire. Throughout the series, viewers are taken on a journey filled with espionage, intense battles, and heart-wrenching moments ...

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Disney’s Online Disability Access System (DAS) Plagued With Exhaustive Wait Times

disability access system disney world

Serious changes are coming to Disney’s Disability Access system starting in May. Announced last week, Walt Disney World and Disneyland, both home to the Disney Disability Access Service, will now only allow use from guests with cognitive issues like or associated with Autism. Disney’s Disability Access Service (DAS) system is a thoughtful and inclusive program tailored to enhance the magical ...

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Could Disney Hand Drawn Animation Make a Comeback?

Could Disney Hand Drawn Animation Making A Comeback?

Disney’s animation history extends broadly from a rich tapestry of innovation and creativity. From the early hand-drawn classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) to the groundbreaking 3D animations of films like Toy Story (1995), Disney has continuously pushed the boundaries of storytelling and technology in the world of animation. The founding of Walt Disney Animation Studio marked ...

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Did Disney Really Buy Epstein Island?

disney to buy epstein island

Another day, another Disney rumor to dispel. However, this one involving the notorious Epstein Island in St Thomas, is more of a joke than a rumor. Every now and again, weird news comes out of Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Often, these stories are almost unbelievable. That’s because, in many cases, they certainly are! One of the latest culprits that ...

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Marvel Rises From the Dead With “Best Release in Years”

Marvel Rises From the Dead With “Best Release in Years”

Marvel comic adaptations to films have struggled lately. Outside of a few hit series and movies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to have died with Iron Man. Amidst the booty-shaking She-Hulk and flopping movie after flopping movie, according to some Marvel Studios and Marvel Comics fans, maybe, just maybe, there’s still a little bit of life left in our favorite ...

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Incredible Trailer Drops for New ‘Star Wars: Outlaws’

star wars outlaws story trailer

In the vast galaxy of world Star Wars, where distinct planets and galaxies house various crime syndicates, a special breed of individuals thrives –  Star Wars: Outlaws. Among them is the infamous scoundrel Kay Ves, known for cunningly outwitting enemies and infiltrating secret locations. These outlaws, such as Zerek Besh and the rogue infiltrator bundle, navigate treacherous territories, seeking valuable ...

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Thank You For Your Service: Disney’s New Disability Policy Could Alienate One Important Group

walt disney world disability access service

This is shocking news today. Disney has announced that it will be shaking up its Disability Access Service Program, also known as DAS. According to our own Krysten Swenson, “Beginning May 20, DAS would only be available to guests who were diagnosed with autism and other similar cognitive disabilities. Before this, DAS was available for anyone who had a medical ...

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