How to Find the Rarest Hidden Mickey In All of Magic Kingdom

cinderella castle, mickey hand pointing towards mickey head

According to the rumors, Magic Kingdom is home to hundreds of Hidden Mickeys just waiting to be found by Guests. But the rarest one of all resides somewhere in New Fantasyland…

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Walt Disney World is home to four different Disney Parks, a vast shopping center, water parks, Resort hotels, and of course, Hidden Mickeys.

Between Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and Disney Springs, it’s safe to assume that Magic Kingdom holds the most Hidden Mickeys.

The rarest hidden mickey is said to be in a beloved ride’s queue.

Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid

Credit: Disney

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Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid is an attraction that tells the story of the beloved Disney character Ariel. As Guests wait in line, they can spot little crabs and other easter eggs throughout the queue, which has been carefully designed by Walt Disney Imagineering.

Not only that, but Guests can also spot the rarest Hidden Mickey if they’re lucky. It appears once a year, for a few moments, and only when the weather conditions are perfect. It’s safe to say that this Mickey-shaped easter egg is incredibly elusive.

Hidden Mickey 🚨 have you seen this birthday hidden mickey? 🎥 by @Tatjana #hiddenmickey #disneyattractions #disneyfan #disneyfacts

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In this video, we can see the Mickey-shaped ray of sunshine as it peeks through the carved shape in the queue’s ceiling.

This Hidden Mickey only appears on November 18 (Minnie and Mickey Mouse’s birthday) at noon, when the sun shines at the exact angle.

mickey and minnie riding teacups

Credit: Disney

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Have you happened to see this Hidden Mickey before? If not, we know the best way to celebrate Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s next birthday!

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