Animal Kingdom Has Two New (Rare) Residents

Cotton-top tamarin animal Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World is home to many creatures big and small! From mighty lions to adorable little otters, over 2,000 animals call this Park home. Actually, make that 2,002! A set of extremely rare Cotton-top Tamarin monkeys were recently born at Animal Kingdom!

According to Disney, “Cotton-top tamarins are found only in the tropical forests of northwestern Colombia in South America, where they live high in the treetops.” In thenl wild, there are only about 7,500 cotton-top tamarins left. As part of their commitment to conservation, Disney actively works with Columbian comunities “to raise species awareness, reduce unsustainable use of forest products and create alternative livelihood opportunities that benefit communities and tamarins.”

Cotton top tamrin

Credit: Discover Columbia

These are the first Cotton-top Tamarins to be born at the Park since 2001! The Animal Care Team rejoiced at the birth and have been keeping an eye on the new mom and dad. In a statement they said, “As first-time parents, both mom and dad are doing great, sharing the parenting duties.”

The babies are tiny, each measuring just 4 inches long. They wont grow to be too much nigger actually. Full grow Cotton-top Tamrins are 9 inches long and weigh just one pound! That’s approximately the size of a squirrel. In the wild these critically endangered creatures can live up to 13 years. In captivity they live considerably longer, some up to 25 years!

The babies cling to their mother for the first 14 weeks of life, completely dependent on her for survival. Though the fathers and other adult Cotton-top’s help mom with the child-rearing. If we though our human banies grew fast, these babies will be fully grown in just 18 months!

Disney says twins are common for the Cotton-top Tamrin. These monkeys give all new meaning to the term “tiny but mighty.” According to Disney they are master athletes. “Weighing just one pound, this pint-sized primate can leap 15 feet from a stationary branch.” According to Disney’s website, these playful primates can be seein on Discovery Island where the Animal Care Team has gone to great lengths to recreate their rainforest habitat. If you want to see them for yourself you’ll have to look up. They can be found frolicking through the trees in several Discovery Island habitats!


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