‘Bluey’ Hits MASSIVE Milestone

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Credit: Disney+

Bluey has captured the hearts and minds of kids (and parents) everywhere. The Australian show came to Disney Channel in September 2019 and Disney+ just a few months later in January 2020. Since then it has exploded in popularity due in part to its silly antics. Bluey and her sister Bingo learn and grow each episode with grace and hilarity.

abc kids disney's bluey bbc studios tv shows new episodes parents love disney junior disney plus family show animated blue dog

Credit: Disney+

The show is a favorite amongst parents because it gives a very real glimpse into modern parenting. I know I’m not the only one who felt seen and understood when they showed the backseat of the Heeler family car and it was a mess. The episode where Bluey’s mom “just needed 20 minutes” completely alone spoke to my soul. He won’t admit it, but I think Bandit Heeler is a personal hero of my husband’s.

It resonates with kids too. Bluey and Bingo capture the childhood innocence and wild imagination perfectly. They see themselves in the games the girls make up. They get to live vicariously through the cartoon dogs and kearney life lessons along the way. Like any good children’s programming, though, the kiddos don’t feel lectured to, they just see fun.


Credit” Disney, ABC

To say Bluey has transformed our home is not an exaggeration. It’s not uncommon for us to think of a silly game like the kind played on the show and say “This Episode of Bluey is called…”. Games that Bluey plays frequently pops up in our home too. “Feather Wand” is a household favorite.

Feather Wand bluey

Credit: Disney, ABC

I don’t know a single fellow parent who doesn’t feel the same. That is why the news that Bluey surpassed one BILLION minutes viewed during the week of July10-16 we werent surprised. When my son is overstimulated, we pop on an episode of Bluey and cuddle to calm down. When we are unwinding for bedtime? Bluey. When we have had a hard day and need something comforting to take our mind off of it? Bluey. About a million of those minutes probably came from my household alone.

This makes Bluey the second most popular streaming show on TV. It comes second only to Suits on Netflix, the show that launched Meghan Markle to stardom. In a list of top 10 streaming programs, Bluey is the only one from Disney+. It is only one of two children’s programs. Coco Melon on Netflix was the other and came in at number ten on the list with 648 million minutes viewed.




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