“Bluey” Inspires Me To Be A Better Parent

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Bluey season 3 has hit Disney+, and parents are just as excited about it as kids! In our house, we maaaaay have watched the first 15 episodes (of 25) in one sitting. This is absolutely the best season yet! Not only does it have all of its absurd charm, but it also continues to inspire me to be a better parent. 

This heartwarming children’s show looks into family life and gives a very realistic view of parenting. Bluey and her sister Bingo learn and grow each episode with grace and hilarity.  This season tackles some interesting topics as well as all of the silliness we’ve come to know and love from the show. 


Credit: Disney

In previous seasons fans (mostly moms) criticized Chilli Heeler (Bluey and Bingo’s mom) as being merely a background character whilst Bandit, their dad, takes center stage. Not this season. The show creators have really given Chilli some great storylines. She also teaches the kids some great lessons. This mom was absolutely cheering when Chilli explained that wanting a break didn’t mean she didn’t love the kids. It also didn’t mean they upset her. Sometimes a mom just needs a break. That is the magic of this show. It conveys messages in ways kids can understand while making parents feel seen. 

This season has tackled issues such as participation trophies, individualism, involuntary childlessness, being a good sport, sibling rivalry, perfectionism, resilience, and sibling love. Each issue is presented in a real-world situation that seems not only plausible but familiar. 

In “Explorers,” Jack’s dad is picking him up from a play date when his phone dies. Without his phone, he can’t use his navigation to find his way. The story follows the twists and turns Jack’s dad and little sister take to try and find their way without GPS. It’s a hilariously simple story that seems like it could’ve been taken straight from any parents life. Who hasn’t had their phone die at the absolute worst time? The brilliance of this show is that it could take something so simple and relatable and turn it into an engaging and amusing story. 

“Phones” shows the tender reality of aging grandparents living in an increasingly tech-dependent world. Grandad learns how things such as mobile ordering and meal delivery work while playing pretend with the kids. Instead of learning about their world, however, he teaches the kids the importance of family time and togetherness. 

The show inspires me to be a better parent, and I’m not alone. Countless people have tweeted, written articles, and posted on Facebook with this exact same sentiment. Bandit and Chilli always find a way to make life fun, and they teach valuable lessons in a way that doesn’t make their kids feel lectured to. That’s the goal, isn’t it? Raising our kids in a way that helps them grow into the best humans they can be without being overbearing. This show does this with grace and poise. 


Credit: Disney

The episode “Rain” had me in tears. The entire7-minute episode was a pantomime. Not a single word was spoken, yet I still learned a valuable lesson. In the episode, Bluey builds a dam to redirect the water flow. Chilli was upset that she kept getting the house muddy, going in and out to gather supplies. Chilli was tired and just wanted to rest, yet had to keep jumping up to clean up after Bluey, and at one point, you can tell they were engaged in an argument. Bluey persisted, and eventually, Chilli gave up and just sat and watched. As she did, she saw that Bluey wasn’t simply making a mess; she was learning, experimenting, and exploring. The mess could wait. Chilli jumped in to help with the dam. In the end, they shared a special hug, and you could tell Chilli had just learned the same lesson I had. Sometimes it’s more important to be present in the moment than to try to make everything perfect.

The show is also something that the entire family can enjoy together. My husband and I get excited whenever our son wants to watch Bluey. So, in addition to inspiring us and entertaining our kids, it also fosters family togetherness which is hard to come by in the hectic pace of everyday life.  This is why I call this the greatest children’s show of our time.

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