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All moms are special. The way they nurture, love, and, encourage makes all the difference. Filling the role of mom is not limited to a blood relation. Foster moms, surrogate moms, and mom figures are pivotal in the lives of so many, and you don’t have to be a biological mom to bestow a mother’s love.

The list of great moms we know isn’t even limited to real life. That’s right, there are some pretty awesome Disney movie moms we need to chat about. Join us in this article to see if we have mentioned your favorite Disney mom and learn about the Disney movie moms we love.

Elastigirl, aka Mrs. Incredible


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The Incredibles

Moms have your back.

In addition to being a spunky and fun superhero, Mrs. Incredible is a fierce and tough mom. She can keep up with the men when it comes to saving the world and her super stretch abilities are nothing short of amazing. The way she forgives Violet and Dash when they stupidly and unknowingly follow her into a dangerous situation shows all the mama love, concern and forgiveness. At the end of the day she saves the world (with the help of the rest of the Parr family, of course) and has “momming” down like a champ.

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The Princess and the Frog

Moms always believe in you. 

Eudora is a supportive and kind mother that never doubts that Tiana will indeed realize her dream of opening her own restaurant, “Tiana’s Place”. A hard worker that believes in the importance of family, Eudora works tirelessly as a seamstress for years while making a home for Tiana. She pushes through to support and love her daughter through tough financial and emotional times. The death of Eudora’s spouse and Tiana’s father is a devastating blow to the family but Eudora remains strong. Throughout the film she keeps a smile on her face supporting her daughter and agreeing that she’s “almost there.”

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Aunt Cass


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Big Hero 6 

Moms see you through the tough times. 

In Big Hero 6 we meet Aunt Cass who is most definitely a great mom. We know, we know she’s the boy’s aunt, not mother. However, she steps in when she is needed and supports them every step of the way. Hiro and Tadashi keep Aunt Cass on her toes but she’s always behind them ready to support, comfort and guide them when needed. Always the adoring fan at a robotics fair or standing by ready to offer a yummy snack, Aunt Cass is a class act and is certainly among the Disney movie moms we love.



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The Aristocats

Moms can multitask.

Any mom to multiples will tell you, it’s tough. Not only does Duchess the cat take care of three rambunctious little ones, she does so with class. Duchess is the queen of staying calm and collected to help her children feel secure even when things get out of hand. When the family wakes up in the French countryside with no concept of how to get back to Paris, Duchess is primarily concerned that kittens Berlioz, Toulouse, and Marie are healthy and safe. Duchess mobilizes to get the family back home to Madame with the help of Thomas O’Malley the alley cat.

Widow Tweed


Credit: Disney

The Fox and the Hound

Moms love even when it’s tough.

Loving someone means doing what’s best for them. One of the best examples of this in a Disney movie is hands-down the role of Widow Tweed in The Fox and the Hound. This tearjerker is not for the faint of heart. The kind Widow Tweed is the most generous and loving foster mother to abandoned fox kit Todd. Ultimately, she loves Todd so much that she lets him go to protect his life. We honestly can’t think of a sadder Disney scene than this foster mom’s goodbye. There is never a dry eye in the room during this movie. What a great Disney mom!

Queen Elinor


Credit: Disney Pixar


Moms want the best for their children. 

Queen Elinor in the Disney Pixar movie, Brave can seem overbearing at times but she has great intentions. Always reminding Merida of the proper way a princess should act, she works to instill grace, kindness, thoughtfulness, decorum and tranquility in her daughter. Queen Elinor has high hopes that Merida will become a great leader when she reigns as queen. Sure, this nagging wears Merida down, but she understands that her mom corrects out of love and wants what’s best for her. This movie taught us important lessons about communication in family relationships and the love of a mother.

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Lilo & Stitch 

Moms make sacrifices. 

Although Nani is Lilo’s older sister and not her biological mom, she steps into the role of parent with conviction and love. When Lilo and Nani’s parents are killed in a tragic car accident the teenager is granted custody of her little sister and works to financially and emotionally support them. Moms worry about their kids, and Nani’s motherly worry leads Lilo to Stitch. Nani is one heck of a mom to Lilo working to make their world as normal and fun as possible. Sure. Lilo and Stitch tend to kind mischief, but we bet there is never a dull moment in that house.

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