Disney Dogs We Love

Disney Dogs, Lady from Lady and the Tramp
Credit: Disney

We know dogs are man’s best friend, that fact rings true in Disney films as well. We go gah-gah for all dogs, even animated ones. Here are some¬†Disney Dogs¬†we love!

Max –¬†The¬†Little Mermaid

                                                                                                                                     Credit: Disney

The Old English Sheepdog, Max, stole our hearts the moment he first bounded across the deck of Prince Eric’s ship. Obviously, Eric’s faithful companion and best buddy, he’s never far from his master, be it embarking on a sea voyage or following him around the kingdom and beach surrounding the castle.

Ariel is not the only one that has Eric’s heart, in fact, Eric risked his life returning to the flame-covered ship following the fire evacuation at the start of the film to retrieve his beloved dog, Max.

Dug – UP

                                                                                                                                      Credit: Disney

This Disney Pixar favorite is unmatched in innocence and loyalty. After all, he repeatedly reminds Carl “You are my master and I LOVE you!” throughout the film UP.

This beautiful Golden Retriever lives up to his breed attributes by remaining a loyal companion to Carl and Russell while they walk the house toward Paradise Falls, defending them from the villain and ultimately, returning home with them. Dug fans may even see him waving to Guests at Walt Disney World in Animal Kingdom Park!

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Copper РThe Fox and the Hound 

Credit: Disney

To be honest, this little hound had our hearts from the first time he showed off his soulful hound dog bay as a puppy. We wish that he and Todd could have been best friends for a little longer, but we are proud of his hunting skills and his shotgun seat in the hunting truck.

Little Brother РMulan

Credit: Disney

An adorable small mixed breed¬†dog¬†that can look cute while he helps you with your chores? That’s right,¬†Little Brothershows himself to be the full package when he helps¬†Disney Princess¬†Mulan, breeze through her morning tasks of feeding the Fa Family livestock before her appointment with the matchmaker in town. A faithful friend that is happy to help,¬†Little Brother¬†is one good boy!

Pluto – Mickey Cartoons

Credit: Disney

We cannot forget the¬†dog¬†that has been beside¬†Mickey Mouse¬†since the start. That’s right, Pluto is a Disney icon. Known as one of the original Disney Dogs, Pluto made his film debut in 1930 as part of The Chain Gang cartoon, where he was cast as the runaway- convict-seeking-hound.

Pluto is likely equipped with a heck of a sniffer as his breed is said to be coon hound making, him a great companion and excellent search dog. Fans of this iconic Disney Dog can see him at character cavalcades in Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. 

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Percy- Pocahontas 

Credit: Disney

Sure, Percy begins the 1995 film Pocahontas as a small surly villain, but he learns some valuable lessons throughout the film and is a much more docile pup at the end of the¬†movie. As a pug owner, Percy is “Best in Show” in my heart, taking the prize as my favorite¬†Disney¬†Dog.

Percy’s fancy taste for the finer things in life is indicative of the breed. Thank goodness, Ratcliffe’s misguided little pug has a change of heart and makes good friends in Flit and Meeko.

Tito- Oliver and Company

                                                                                                                                      Credit: Disney

How can you not love every¬†dog¬†in Mr. Fagin’s canine crew? Dodger, Francis, Rita and Einstein are all loyal companions that support Mr. Fagin through tough times. However, Tito the Chihuahua takes the prize as the funniest and friskiest member of the gang.

“Uncle Tito” as he calls himself is ready to pick a fight with Doberman Pinchers, DeSoto and Roscoe and is tasked with teaching Oliver the kitten to hot wire a car in a fabricated hit-and-run.¬†

Lady – Lady And The Tramp

Credit: Disney

It likely comes as no surprise that Lady wins the award for the classiest Disney Dog. Raised by doting pet parents, this stunning American Cocker Spaniel lives in a beautiful home, has her own license and is treated like the special lady she is.

Her buddies Jock and Trusty are never far away, and they are ready to welcome Tramp into the family when they learn that he protected the family’s new baby from a sneaky rat.

Pongo – One Hundred and One Dalmatians

Credit: Disney

The film One Hundred and One Dalmatians was such a hit when it was released in 1961 that pet stores and breeders saw a huge surge in purchase of the breed. This should come as no surprise with a film that showcased such smart and beautiful dogs as Pongo and Perdita.

Pongo and Perdita not only played matchmaker for their pet parents, they¬†made¬†pretty incredible parents too.¬†When they were not busy caring for their puppies or their “pets” Roger and Anita, they were outsmarting terrible¬†Cruella De Vil.

Lafayette – The Aristocats

Credit: Disney

This sweet, blundering Bassett Hound is a beloved character in The Aristocats that gives viewers plenty of laughs. Seen as the sidekick of fellow hound Napoleon that lives on a farm in the French Countryside near Paris, Lafayette is confounded by his experiences with Edgar’s noisy motorcycle.

Poor Lafayette just wants to relax and get some sleep, but between Edgar’s interruptions and Napoleon ordering him around, Lafayette has a tough go of it.

Nana –¬†Peter Pan

Credit: Disney

Wouldn’t you have loved having a dog as your nurse maid during childhood? Precious and meticulous, Nana the Saint Bernard looked after the Darling Family children with the utmost care – despite the fact that Mr. Darling often reminded her she was a dog, not a nurse.

It’s obvious that feelings with the Darling Children are mutual, as little Michael slows to sprinkle some pixie dust on Nana before departing for Neverland, in the hope that she too can join them.

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Zero – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Credit: Disney

Ghost dogs can still be great dogs. We cannot forget Jack Skellington’s faithful¬†dog, Zero. Not only does his red nose lead the pack of skeleton reindeer through the foggy sky on Christmas Eve, Zero actually led Jack to the Christmas Town door in the forest. By his master’s side on Halloween or Christmas, Zero is one loyal pup.

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