A Guest-Favorite Character experience returns to Disney’s Animal Kingdom next week!

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A Guest-favorite character opportunity is headed back to Disney’s Animal Kingdom next week, and we’re pretty excited about it ourselves!

Kevin from PIXAR’s Up will be back to engage with Guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom next week. Beginning January 24, Guests will be able to see Kevin again in real life at Character Landing at Discovery Island inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Kevin from Disney Pixar's Up

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In PIXAR’s Up, Kevin is the giant bird, whose species has been sought after by Charles Muntz for years. Scientists have disbelieved Muntz about the “Monster of Paradise Falls,” which happens to be a huge species of South American bird with brilliantly-colored feathers. Muntz sets out to find one of Kevin‘s kind to prove himself.

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Credit: PIXAR

It’s while he’s in South America that Carl Fredricksen and Russell cross paths with him, but there’s more to Charles Muntz‘s motives than furthering the sciences.

But Kevin manages to remain the elusive bird–until he meets Carl Fredricksen and Russell, who soon realize Kevin loves chocolate! He tries to take bites of Russell’s candy bar every time Russell turns away. Kevin‘s chocolate craving helps Mr. Fredricksen and Russell to lure him away from the dangers of entrapment by Charles Muntz; Russell feeds Kevin pieces of chocolate while the new trio of friends make their way to safety.

Disney Pixar - Kevin (the bird) from Pixar's Up

Credit: PIXAR

It’s not until Russell sees that “Kevin” has a nest of baby birds that he realizes “Kevin” is a female.

Kevin made her first appearance at Disney’s Animal Kingdom almost 3 years ago in February 2019. The presence of PIXAR’s Up could be felt at different locations in the the park, as Russell, the Senior Wilderness Explorer, and Dug the Dog also greeted Guests at Discovery Island.

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Russell also played a part of a reimagined bird show, called Up: A Great Bird Adventure. The Up theme is no longer part of the bird show at Animal Kingdom, however. Kevin is the first of the Up trio to return to Animal Kingdom since Disney World reopened after a nearly four-month closure related to the COVID pandemic.

We’re hopeful Russell and Dug will be back soon!



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