Effective Immediately: Alcohol Crackdown at Disney Hotels

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Walt Disney World guests have a lot of options when it comes to alcohol. From theme park restaurants and lounges to Disney Springs pubs and hotel bars if you want to indulge in a “grown-up drink,” you won’t have any trouble finding it. However, Disney has finally cracked down on a policy that allowed some to skirt the rules and created legal challenges.

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In the United States, the drinking age is 21. This confuses many international Guests who come from places where the drinking age is much lower. You’ll find many posts on social media from Guests around the world wondering how to circumvent this rule. Many American Guests look for ways around it as well. One of those ways in the past was to have a grocery order containing alcohol delivered to bell services at their resort hotel. As long as the person who accepted the order was 21, the grocery delivery technically didn’t break any laws and this allowed underage guests to skirt the rule.

Bell services alcohol


Now, however, that loophole is closing. Begining immediately,  Bell Services at Walt Disney World Resort Hotels will no longer accept any orders containing alcohol. This means you’ll either need to be present (with a valid ID confirming you are 21 years old or older) or you’ll need to make your alcohol purchases in person. Many grocery stores in the area will even deliver directly to your hotel room.

Drinks at Tune-In Lounge

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There’s no question that Disney alcohol is expensive so having your own in your hotel room is an attractive way to save money. However, Disney takes alcohol laws very seriously (the penalties if they don’t are extremely severe) and they work to ensure no one under age can access and consume alcohol. This is a simple way to ensure Guests follow the rules.

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