Guests Report Overwhelming “Sewage Smell” at Disney Park

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Warning: this may ruin your appetite!

Usually, Disney Parks are known for smelling fantastic. In fact, there are entire companies dedicated to replicating the incredible scent of the Disney Parks. Whether it be the water of Pirates of the Caribbean or the popcorn down Main Street, U.S.A., Disney smells amazing. Unfortunately, that was anything but the cast for Guests visiting Disneyland Resort recently.

The Smelliest Place on Earth

Disneyland Resort is known for its magic, amusement, and adventures that take Guests into a world of fantasy and fun. A vacation here is supposed to take your mind away from the horrors of the regular world and instead transport you to a magical place unlike any other. That is why one Guest was so taken aback by the intense smell of sewage they experienced when leaving the Park.

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The Guest was so shocked that they decided to post on Reddit, explaining the situation. They said;

“My families first trip to Disneyland has been nothing short of magical. My two young girls have been smiling so much that they might have crows feet when we get home and the wife and I have felt warmth in our hearts from watching the kids have so much fun! It was amazing fun for us too!

The only negative is the smells immediately outside the park. You cannot walk down a sidewalk for more than 20 feet without smelling raw sewage. It is around the entire park perimeter. We walked down Disneyland dr and Katella Ave every day and had to bring lavender oil to smell for most of the walk. You are literally walking into raw sewage smell the entire way from Westin to Downtown Disney. The walk itself isn’t bad and is in fact quite beautiful. But for the rest of my life, whenever I smell raw sewage, it will remind me of our first trip to Disneyland. It is a terrible problem.

Is this a year round problem? Is this a temporary issue that the city/park is having? Has this always been the case?”

The Only Negative From An Otherwise Perfect Week
by u/RnJibbajabba in Disneyland

What Can Be Done?

It turns out this Guest isn’t the only one noticing the smell. Dozens of other fans commented on the post with their own instances of the Park smelling bad. Guests are claiming that several significant parts of the Park have been smelling like sewage as of late. One Guest claims that Disneyland Resort had fixed the problem, but this most recent account makes it clear that that is not the case.

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The issue of the Disney smell is not limited to the Southern California theme Park, either. In fact, reports of sewage smells in Walt Disney World are just as common. Disney has not made any comment on this situation, so fans are still in the dark about what is going on and how it could be fixed. Most likely, this is an issue with the Parks sewage/plumbing system. Hopefully, they will be able to get this fixed before the summer rush begins at the Parks.

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