UPDATE: Iconic Disney Ride is Returning Soon

Space Mountain
Credit: Flickr, Sean Doorly

No one likes it when their favorite ride is closed. A Disney trip doesn’t feel like a Disney trip without a ride on certain attractions. For me, it’s “it’s a small world.” For my son, it’s The Haunted Mansion, but for my husband, a trip is incomplete without riding Space Mountain…at least once. Space Mountain is an iconic Disney attraction and a version of the ride in every Disney Park around the world (except Shanghai Disney). Millions of guests the world over love taking a ride through space.

Space Mountain

Credit: Disney

Not long ago, we reported that the beloved coaster would close indefinitely at Disneyland. This happens when a ride goes down and no reopening date is given. Disney will simply call it an indefinite closure (which is different from a permanent closure). No one likes an indefinite closure because it could mean anything. The ride could be closed for a week, or it could be closed for two years. There’s just no way to know. For an iconic attraction like Space Mountain, that is frustrating.

However, Disney has now given more details on the closure, including when to expect its return. The ride is undergoing general maintenance and upkeep. That means no significant changes are expected- nothing added and nothing taken away. That’s the good news. The bad news is Disney still hasn’t pinned down an exact date for the ride’s return. They have announced that the ride will re-open “mid-fall.” That could mean anything from late-October to mid-November. Still, mid-fall is better than no date at all.

Space Mountain

Credit: Disney

We will continue to watch this refurbishment closely. As time draws nearer, Disney is expected to pin down a more precise re-opening date. When we know, you’ll know. For now, it’s safe to assume Space Mountain won’t be available for Disneyland trips this fall. Winter trips, though, can expect to fly through space on the classic coaster!

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