These Disney Guests Were Escorted off Space Mountain for the WEIRDEST Reason Ever

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This video is confusing the Disney community.

Every day, ride breakdowns at Disney Parks happen. Sometimes, these breakdowns result in Guests being escorted off of the ride by a Cast Member. Breakdowns can happen for a variety of reasons. In the case of one group of Disney fans, the reason was something entirely out of the ordinary.

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Guests Escorted Off Disney Ride: What Happened at the Happiest Place on Earth?

A recent incident at Disney has left many fans scratching their heads and wondering what could have possibly happened. A Disney content creator was vlogging himself riding an attraction when the ride stopped for no known reason. The ride in question was Space Mountain at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

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Credit: Disney

Rides break down all the time; it is a very typical part of a theme Park experience. Rides can stop because of a technical malfunction, something falling on the tracks, or even an issue with Guest behavior. However, fans were stumped when this Guest’s ride experience was because Disney “ran out of time.”

“What Does That Even Mean???”

A video posted by the user @realmousevibes shows a group of Guests being escorted off of Space Mountain by a Disney Park Cast Member who says that they ran out of time. The user and many commenters are very confused by what this means.


Got escorted off Space Mountain. But had no idea why! #disneyland #disneyparks #spacemountain

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Thankfully, some fans have been able to weigh in on what exactly it means to “run out of time.” Apparently, Space Mountain is a very sensitive ride, and in order for everything to run smoothly, the ride vehicles must be sent off in 30-second intervals.

At Disney, safety is the number one priority, and there are strict protocols on all rides, especially high-speed roller coasters like space mountain. As strange as this situation might have seemed, it has become clear that this is quite a common occurrence at this theme Park attraction.

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