Multiple Guests Groped on Disney Rides

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Guests should be warned that there have been multiple reports of inappropriate behavior at Walt Disney World. While it’s easy to believe that Disney exists in a bubble and nothing ever goes wrong, sadly, the real world manages to creep in anyway. Emphasis on the word creep. Reddit User u/JBAnswers26 recently asked what the scariest thing guests have ever encountered in Disney Parks. The results were chilling.

Guests groped at Disney World

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User u/laceteapixie shared an encounter that occurred on Tower of Terror. She states that she was riding the thrill ride with her cousin when things took a scary turn that was completely unrelated to the ride. It was a slow day in the parks and the pair of teenagers had a row to themselves. They sat right in the middle of the back row and were prepared to enter the Twilight Zone when a man sat directly next to them (despite plenty of other available seats). Despite their close proximity they didn’t find the behavior odd until the guy apologized in advance for not being able to control his arms and hands on the ride.

The Redditor says the next thing she knows, her cousin is leaning on her and covering her chest with her arms. She said, “The guy had been using his elbows to run over her chest. Most people just throw their hands up high on Tower of Terror but he was very much intentionally feeling her up with his arms.”

She said that their ride photo is a painful reminder of the incident because you can see her cousin cowering in fear, not from the ride, but from the man sitting next to them. The incident went unreported. She explained that they were young and didn’t know what to do or how to handle the situation. She also said the incident made her cousin very self-conscious and she refused to sit in the middle seat on rides anymore.

Guests groped at Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney Dining

That alone is bad enough but multiple people came forward with their own stories of being groped at Disney World. Redditor u/meowmeowbinks share her account on the thread. This time it was on Expedition Everest. She says that the man who sat next to her on the roller-coaster puts his hand down her shirt on the ride. She stated that she got off the ride in a daze and told her mom, “I think I was just assaulted.” This incident did get reported. Disney World security got the Orange County Sheriff’s Office involved and the Redditor said they spent half the day giving statements but ultimately nothing was done and she felt like Disney didn’t believe her. She also said in a cruel twist of fate, she somehow ended up on the same bus with the man at the end of the day. Filled with anger the girl stood up and said loudly to her mother, “That’s him mom! That’s the man who put hisnhand down my shirt! That’s the man who groped me!” Reportedly, everyone on the bus looked at him and he ran as soon as they got to their destination.

Multiple Cast Members have been arrested for indecency in recent months. One for possessing and distributing child porn and another for taking upskirt photos of guests and coworkers. This is something to keep in mind when traveling to the Parks. Sadly things like this do happen at Disney, as much as we wish they didn’t.


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