Cosmic Ray’s Cast Member Arrested for HORRIFIC Acts Against Children

Credit: Polk County Sheriff's Office

There are some stories we wish we didn’t have to report. This is one of them. Polk County Sheriff, Grady Judd, has created an initiative to rid the streets of pedophiles, human traffickers, and child pornographers. Every month there is a sting operation to round these criminals up and arrest them. Last month’s initiative, “May’s Monsters,” saw eight arrested.

Disney Cast member arrested

Credit: Polj County Sheriff’s Office

A Cast Member at Cosmic Rays was one of them. 40-year-old Paul Viel, of Davenport, Florida, was arrested for 540 counts of child pornography. Some of the children depicted were infants, just weeks old. Viel faces 540 felony charges and, if convicted, could face life in prison.

Sonny Eclipse animatronic and dining area of Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe

Credit: Disney

“He was a sadomasochist. There were photos where they tied up babies in prep for sexual battery. There was one, a weeks-old child where the child’s hands are tied behind her back?! Can you believe that?” Sheriff Judd described.

Viel was newly married. Sheriff Judd reports, “his wife, she’s only been married to him for a year, she asked, did I marry a monster? Yes, you married a monster.”

Credit: Polk County Sherrif’s

Judd went on to wonder aloud why people like this work for Disney before explaining, “Why do people like Paul Viel work at Disney? That’s where the children are.”

We try very hard to report the news in an unbiased fashion, but we can’t help but pause to condemn these heinous acts. Disney doesn’t exist in a bubble as much as we wish it did. Bad people exist everywhere, and Disney is not immune. Recently another Cast Member was arrested after he used a Disney computer to distribute child pornography. Earlier this morning, we reported that a man has been arrested at Disney Springs for allegedly grabbing a young girl. These cases are all ongoing. As always, stay tuned right here. We will bring you updates as they happen.

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