Man ARRESTED For Child Molestation at Disney Springs

man arrested for molesting child at disney springs
Credit: Disney, Orange County Sheriffs Office

This is every parent’s worst nightmare.

When a parent takes their child to a Disney Resort, they expect a certain safety standard that Disney is known to provide. For decades, Disney Parks have been known as wholesome and family-friendly places for Guests of all ages. Many think of it as an escape from everyday life and worries.

Unfortunately, danger does exist even within the Disney bubble. A horrifying scene played out at Disney Springs this past Memorial Day weekend when a Florida man was accused of inappropriately touching children.

Disney Springs Sign

Credit: Disney

Horrific Scene at Disney Springs

This incident took place at a store within Disney Springs. Disney Springs is a popular entertainment complex at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. It is known as an exciting hub of entertainment, featuring a wide range of activities such as shopping, dining, entertainment, and recreation. Unfortunately, it was also the scene of a crime this past weekend.

The crime took place within the World of Disney store located in the Disney Springs area. According to a report from the victims, a white male with brown hair came up to two children and touched them in an inappropriate way. One child was looking at keychains when the man approached. A victim describes that he was wearing a black shirt with a square print on the back alongside baggy tan pants.


Credit: Disney

This incident took place on May 30 and May 31, 2023. Since that weekend was Memorial Day weekend, Disney Springs was likely filled with unsuspecting tourists and lots of children on a 3-day weekend break from school.

Man Arrested for Allegedly Touching Two Children

On May 31, Orange County Deputies arrested Marshal Diehl from St. Cloud, Florida. He was arrested on one count of lascivious molestation. Deputies found Diehl inside the Orage Garage at Disney Springs after the incident in World of Disney. He matched the description and was identified as the assaulter by one of the child victims.

Summer House on the Lake

Credit: Disney

This story is truly tragic and an unfortunate reminder that evil lives everywhere, even at Disney.

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