Disney’s New Orleans Square is No More

New Orleans Square pirates of the caribbean ride
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Both Disney World and Disneyland have Tiana-mania. The American Disney Princess is making headlines left and right with new experiences at Disney Parks. One park, in particular, is experiencing a complete Tiana invasion! Disneyland, which is the perfect park for Tiana, is expected to host not one but three Tiana-themed experiences in or near New Orleans Square! 

Tiana's Place

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Speaking of New Orleans Square, the intricately themed land is about to get even more delicious with the addition of Tiana’s Place! The brand-new themed eatery was announced last September and will open next month, nearly a year to the date from the restaurant’s announcement. The restaurant will be the embodiment of the dream Tiana worked so hard to achieve in the movie.¬†

Eudora's chic boutique New Orleans square

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Eudora’s Chic Boutique, a little shop with a huge backstory, opened in New Orleans Square last September. The shop features nods from the movie, from Tiana‚Äôs restaurant fund to Eudora‚Äôs design sketches. It also expertly blends Eudora’s dress designs with Tiana’s gourmet foods and recipes.¬†

tiana's bayou adventure new Orleans Square

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Then there is Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. The headliner attraction is taking the place of the fan-favorite thrill ride Splash Mountain. Set to open next year, the ride will have the same physical structure as Splash Mountain but with all new Princess and the Frog theming. The ride, technically located in Critter Country, will tie into the other Princess and the Frog elements in neighboring New Orleans Square.¬†

With so many Tiana-based changes to New Orleans Square, I think it would be fair to say New Orleans Square isn’t New Orleans Square anymore. Not really. It’s Tiana’s Square now. A major ride, a highly-themed shop, and a restaurant to match‚ĶDisney has themed entire lands around less. Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion would still be an issue, as neither fit into the Princess and the Frog theme (nor would want to see them change). As mentioned above, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is technically located in Critter Country, but it is close enough that lines could be redrawn to form the new land.¬†¬†

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