Is Disney’s Critter Country Becoming Obsolete? Fans Fear the Area Is Dwindling Away

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Change is hard for die-hard Disney fans, especially when it comes to a place so special to the Disney community.

If you have been to Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California, chances are you have also been to Critter Country. This adorable land has been home to some of the most wholesome and beloved rides and attractions in Disney history. Critter Country brings people comfort and nostalgia, but unfortunately, many fans are noticing the land dwindling in size. With the loss of the lands centerpiece ride, Splash Mountain, Disney fans fear the worst for Critter Country.

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Critter Country: A Look Back on the Land

The land we know and love as Critter Country has not always been what it is today. When Disneyland Park opened, the land was known as Indian Village, an area dedicated to showcasing Native American culture. Clearly, that concept became outdated in later years, and the land became Bear Country in 1972.

Bear Country was an expansion of Disneyland Park and brought a new major attraction: Country Bear Jamboree. This land, which was modeled after the Pacific NorthWest, remained until 1988, when Disney introduced a ride that changed everything.

When Splash Mountain hit the Parks, Disney changed Bear Country to become Critter Country, a name also inspired by Song of the South. This ride became one of the main draws of Disneyland Park and completely revolutionized this small land.

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Why Critter Country May Be Getting the Ax

Now that Splash Mountain is officially closed, fans are debating if Critter Country is going to follow suit. While Tiana’s Bayou Adventure does sort of fit the theme of Splash Mountain, it more closely fits the theme of New Orleans Square. Without this centerpiece attraction, Critter Country is pretty small and will feel fragmented.

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Disney has not made any indication of if this land will be getting removed or not. Some fans think it could become a Pooh Bear land. Only time will tell what is to come for this land.

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