Mickey Proves What a Gentleman He Is in Viral Video

Mickey and Minnie
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We all love Mickey Mouse, but we had no idea what a gentleman he was. A TikTok video recently surfaced that highlights an adorable interaction between Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and we just can’t get enough of it. The classic duo have had one of the sweetest (and most relatable) romances in film history and now have taken their love to new heights.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Disneyland castle welcome

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This pair of sweethearts have had a 95-year romance. Since their first appearance together in Steamboat Willie, Mickey has tried to win over his lady love. He’s rescued her from the dastardly Pete the Cat, he’s wooed her as a debonair Musketeer, he’s taken her on exotic trips, and even planned country picnics for her, but nothing beats his latest act of love.

Steamboat Willie mickey mouse

Credit: Disney

Many are surprised to find that Mickey and Minnie aren’t married. Not only are they not married, they don’t even live together. You can visit each of their homes at Disneyland Park in the all-new ToonTown. It’s here that the dashing Mouse proved just what a classic act he was.

Disneyland sometimes closes at midnight, and one night not long ago, Mickey decided to escort Minnie back home. After an exciting day of greeting guests, Mickey wanted to make sure she got home safely. In the video, Mickey is seen arm in arm with Minnie walking down the sidewalk at ToonTown, where he says a gentlemanly goodnight to his true love before going home himself.

Mickey walks Minnie home

Credit: TikTok

When they arrived at Minnie’s home, they shared a hug and kiss goodnight on the sidewalk in front of her house. Like many couples, the pair had a hard time saying goodnight. They blew kisses to each other and waved several times before Minnie finally called it a night and went inside. Mickey turned and, with a little extra spring in his step, went home too.

Mickey walked Minnie home

Credit: TikTok

This adorable video racked up over 35k views. We can certainly see why. We love seeing the characters play at Disneyland. That’s something that doesn’t often happen at Walt Disney World, simply due to the nature of how character meet and greets are done there. You can see the whole video here.

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