Guests Struggle to Believe Disney is Going to Keep Its Word About the Trams

Disney world trams
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Trams are coming back! Soon parking lot trams will be available in all four parks again for the first time in three years! The feet saving transport returned to Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom in December 2022, but remained glaringly absent from both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios.

They could be forgiven to some extent for Hollywood Studios.  Of all of Walt Disney World’s theme parks, it’s one of the smallest and has the most walkable parking lot. EPCOT, however, is a completely different story. At 300 (walkable) acres, the park is massive! The parking lot is equally massive. Tired feet demanded relief and Disney promised it would deliver…but it didn’t.

The trams were promised to return in 2022, but as we mentioned above, only half of them did. Just yesterday, however, Disney announced that the remaining trams WOULD be returning next month! Fans everywhere should have been thrilled but…they weren’t.  Instead they were skeptical.  We’ve been here before you see, and many have adopted an “I’ll believe it when I see it” mentality when Disney makes promises.

They wasted no time roasting the company over it either. Disney’s official X (formerly called Twitter) account was flooded with cynical comments about the would-be exciting update.

Disney world trams

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LaReina was entirely unimpressed. The X user claimed it was too little, too late for Disney to try to win back her favor now. This was a sentiment shared by many in the comments.

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This X user, like many others, simply refused to believe Disney. After all, Disney has been promising trams for three years now. They have even announced the trams return and gone back on it.

Disney world trams

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Chris didn’t hold back when it came to letting Disney know how he really felt. He aptly pointed out that Disney made the choice not to bring back trams, and suggested that a pat on the back when they chose to bring thenoffering back wasn’t warranted.

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Dreamfinder Guy gave Disney a one two punch when sharing his thoughts. He reminded them that the promise is being fulfilled 9 months late. Dos ey could have grown an entire human in the amount of time it took to resume a previous operation using equipment they already owned.

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Noah took the opportunity to point out several offerings that Disney has STILL not brought back more than 3 years after their reopening.


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Pete pointed out a sentiment many others expressed,  Disney is on the backfoot and struggling to attract enough guests to be profitable. He brings up another excellent point that when Universal’s brand new park, Epic Universe opens, Disney is going to have  serious problem on its hands.

Despite the doubts, Disney IS bringing back the trams for EPCOT and Hollywood Studios next month. An exact date hasn’t been given but we will be watching closely. As soon as they are back we will be sure to let you know!

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