Woman Refuses to Invite Child-Free ‘Disney Adult’ Sister on Trip

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A woman recently took to the internet to ask if she was wrong to not invite her Disney Adult sister to Disney. Ordinarily, Disney Adult that we are, we usually side with the snubbed on this as we tend to think everyone should be invited to Disney, but this one has even us going “hmmm….”

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Redditor u/sorrymsjackson33 explained that she is a single mom to a 9 year old daughter. She has scripted and saved for years to take her daughter to Disney World on a once-in-a-lifetime trip. She said, “My daughter adores all things Disney, and [I] want to give her at least one vacation that she can remember fondly.” However her sister has become offended that she wasn’t invited.

The sister is a self-proclaimed “Disney Addict” who is an Annual Passholder. The post says she takes several trips down from Chicago a year. Naturally, someone said Disney and she got interested (been there). The problem is her sister is “aggressively child free.” It’s gotten so bad between them that it’s ruined their once close relationship. The Original Poster (OP) said that her sister has refused to watch her child long enough for the OP to take a shower stating that she is “under no obligation to provide free childcare.” She refuses to give birthday and Christmas gifts because she says the OP’s “spawn isn’t my responsibility.” She wouldn’t even watch her niece so that her sister could go to the emergency room when her appendix ruptured!

Naturally the OP does not want her anywhere near her child-focused Disney trip. The sister keeps saying it will be a fun bonding experience but doesn’t want her to ruin it because she says her sister “hates” her daughter. The OP’s mother has gotten involved now and says she thinks it’s an olive branch to mend fences between the sisters but the OP thinks her sister just wants to butt in on a free Disney trip. She asked Reddit if she was wrong for not inviting her sister along. The response was overwhelmingly in support, stating that she was completely in the right to not invite her. One brilliant comment even suggested she tell her sister she has changed the trip location somewhere else. If her sister no longer wanted to go, she’d have her answer.

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We don’t typically sice with the person leaving someone out. We love Disney and think it should be experienced by everyone as often as possible but in this case? We’re going to have to say it’s probably best if sis sits this one out. Disney addicts tend to be Disney Commandos. That’s not what you want on a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Add to that the fact that the sister is a militant child-hater and I can’t think of a worse way to spend this mother/daughter vacation. I can’t imagine going to Disney with an aggressively child-free person, let alone going with a militant child-free and a child. That just sounds like a recipe for disaster. What do you think? Comment on Facebook and let us know if you think the OP is right or wrong.


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