Your Disney Day is About to Get Easier: Disney is FINALLY Making Good On Their Promise

Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference. At the end of a long day walking around Disney Parks, the thought of the hike back to the car is positively miserable. Many guests, especially those with mild mobility issues or small children depend on the trams.

 Disney World made us a promise last year that they didn’t make good on. Disney promised us that the trams at EPCOT and Hollywood Studios would return by the end of the year. We waited and waited and in December finally realized it wasn’t going to happen.

Disney World Trams

Credit: Flickr

Nearly ¾ through 2023 Disney is finally living up to their word! That’s right– the trams are FINALLY coming back! Tired feet everywhere will soon feel a sigh of relief. 

The trams at Magic Kingdom’s Transportation and Ticket Center and Animal Kingdom have long since returned and guests were left perplexed as to why EPCOT and Hollywood Studios were left out. The hike to your car at EPCOT is especially brutal, second only to Magic Kingdom.  

The announcement came from Disney Parks today and though some guests were skeptical, most expressed excitement at the return of the trams. For many, it is an integral part of any Disney Trip. In my own household growing up the “and we’re clear beep beep” from the tram driver became a phrase nearly as common as “por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas.” 

Disney Trams

Credit: D23

Curious as to when the beloved transportation system will resume? You’ll be able to end your day on a restful note beginning next month! Disney has not specified which date exactly the trams will resume but said in a tweet that  September is when they’ll return.

We will keep a close eye out and as soon as the trams start running again, we will be the first to let you know so stay tuned right here. 


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