Is Mousekeeping Theft Becoming an Issue at the Disney Parks?

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For Guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, an ideal vacation is one without stress. Thankfully, Disney makes vacations as stress-free as possible for their Guests by offering transportation, food, entertainment, and accommodations all on Disney property. While there is a lot of prep and planning to be done ahead of a Disney vacation, it is all worth it when you and your loved ones can kick back and truly enjoy the Disney experience without worry.

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Disney Provides Top-of-the-Line Service… Most of the Time

One of the ways that Disney helps make vacations as stress-free as possible is with their Mousekeeping service. Whether you stay at a Disney Resort hotel, such as the Grand Floridian, Animal Kingdom Lodge, or Disney’s Pop Century Resort, you can expect exemplary housekeeping services throughout your stay. However, some fans fear there is a dark side to Mousekeeping.

Reports of Mousekeeping stealing the property of Guests have been swirling since the service was introduced. Having personal belongings invaded and taken without permission is a horrible thought for any Guest to have.

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Is Mousekeeping Really Stealing From Guests?

Certainly, some of these reports have validity. One fan even claims to know an ex-Cast Member who bragged about stealing from Guests. The Guest shares their story, saying;

I’m going to preface this by saying I had a family member who was VERY briefly a Mousekeeper (thank goodness), and she openly bragged about taking things home that guests left in the Cabins at FW. I’m talking jewelry and expensive perfume.

We stayed at AKL last month and on check-out day my daughter left her Loungefly backpack in the room. I know, I should’ve double-checked, but here we are. I immediately filed a Lost & Found ticket while we were still at MCO and it was closed. I filed another one after 2 weeks – it was just closed. The backpack had money and a bracelet in it and I feel like it was just never turned in. Years ago she lost a stuffed animal on the monorail and we got it back in 2 days.

So. How can I get this remedied or brought to someone’s attention? I am not a complainer by any means, but I’m sad for my teen because it was their money and the bracelet was a souvenir for a friend. This was our first time splurging on a Deluxe room and while the resort is breathtaking, this leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

tl;dr: how do I contact someone directly about valuables that were left in our room at checkout and were not turned in to Lost and Found by Mousekeeping.”

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While it’s totally understandable why this Guest would be concerned about their lost item, chances are, this was not a case of Mousekeeping thievery. Fans were quick to point out in the comments of this post that this situation very likely was not theft.

High Volumes Means Items Get Lost

Because Disney is constantly a revolving door for Guests, lost items are very hard to match back to Guests. Unfortunately, when you leave items in a room, it is very difficult for Disney to redirect them back to a Guest. In cases like this Guest above, this is likely that happened.

While bad things with Mousekeeping do happen occasionally, it is important to recognize that these Cast Members have a very difficult job, and the large majority is not stealing from Guests. If you lose an item, it is important to report it immediately, but also know that it may not be able to be returned. It is always a good idea to do a thorough sweep of your room before you leave your Disney Resort Hotel.

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