Guests Wade Through Ankle-Deep Waters FLASH FLOOD Hits Magic Kingdom

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Magic Kingdom Park, one of the most iconic Parks at Walt Disney World Resort, faced an unprecedented challenge today: flash flooding.

As the most popular theme park in the world, Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando, Florida, sees thousands of visitors on a daily basis. These Guests come from all over the world to experience the one-of-a-kind magic that is found at the Magic Kingdom. From the moment a Guest walks down Main Street, U.S.A., and sees Cinderella Castle, it becomes crystal clear to them what a spectacular place this really is.

However, some days at the Park might feel more like a nightmare than a happily ever after…

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Credit: Disney, Canva

Disaster at Disney: Storm Causes Extreme Flooding

Thousands of Guests hoping for a picture-perfect Magic Kingdom day were disappointed when torrential showers hit Walt Disney World Resort earlier today. Due to its location in Orlando, Florida, Walt Disney World Resort is no stranger to a summertime rain shower. The Parks often experience brutal weather patterns, and for many Guests, it is a devastating blow to their vacation. However, the showers today were truly on another level.

The Parks all experienced major technical issues due to the rain and thunder, but for Guests at Magic Kingdom Park, the primary issue was the terrible flooding happening through the streets.

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Guests Are Cancelling Trips to Disney World Due to Unpredictable Florida Weather

Credit: Disney/ Canva

Guests Trudge Through Murky Waters… Can’t Disney Find a Solution?

Seemingly out of nowhere, massive downpours pelted Guests at Magic Kingdom Park, causing major flash flooding. Videos have circulated showing Guests running from the rain.

Others who braved the storm found themselves wading in ankle-deep waters.

This incident has made some fans frustrated by the fact that Disney does not have a better drain system. While, obviously, Disney cannot control the weather, it can help alleviate some of the flooding it often causes. Other theme park competitors, namely Universal Orlando, seem to have a better grasp on this issue.

As of now, it seems that the flooding and the downpours have gotten better, so guests can continue enjoying the rest of their days.

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