Torrential rainfall leads to heavy flooding of Tomorrowland, Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom, and Cinderella Castle disappears!

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Earlier this week, it rained so much at Disney World, that Cinderella Castle disappeared. And all that work on the TRON Lightcycle Coaster–all but gone!

If you’re familiar at all with the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida, surely you’re also familiar with the prevalence of rain in the parks. And we’re not just talking about those April showers that bring May flowers.

Five Ways to Beat the Rain on a Rainy Day at Walt Disney World |

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Disney World is located in Central Florida where the climate is humid subtropical. The area sees an average of just over 50 inches of rain each year. The average in the United States is approximately 32 inches of rain per year. And while it’s predominantly rainy in Central Florida from May to October, it’s not uncommon to encounter rain–and sometimes torrential downfalls–during any month of the year.

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There is a “tale as old as time,” otherwise known as a Disney Parks myth, that Disney has somehow found a way to control the weather at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Perhaps Imagineers developed and patented a way for “seeing-eye” Cast Members perched high up in invisible, magical towers to foresee potential weather events before they happen, thus rendering them able to head off spring storms before they hit unsuspecting Guests in the parks.

Perhaps before Walt died, he shared with those closest to him a special tool with a button that, when activated, would put a giant, protective dome over the entirety of the park, and then the idea was patented and is now used in the Disney Sunshine State theme parks.

While Disney World does have control over mosquitoes, the sad truth is that Disney has no way of controlling the weather.

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But so far–after more than 50 years–the rain doesn’t seem to have stopped Guests from visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth, and that’s easy to see.

The Walt Disney World Resort is experiencing seasons of exceptional attendance. (That’s code for “it’s very crowded.”) Thanks to changes in park capacities announced earlier this year by The Walt Disney Company’s CFO, as well as the beloved (typed with sarcasm) Park Pass Reservation System, which now penalizes Guests at California’s Disneyland Resort, the crowds at Disney World mean that if you want to visit, you’ll need to be a pre-planner for sure.

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Nothing new here; Disney World has been crowded before/Credit: Disney Insider Tips

With thrilling rides, exciting attractions, beloved Disney characters, exceptional offerings in dining experiences, and more, Disney World is the go-to destination for family vacations, but the rain can put a damper on things at times.

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Earlier this week, an online video documented just how strong some of the rainstorms can be at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Posted by DisneyParksDIY, the video begins, before the rain does, with a view of the construction progress at the TRON Lightcycle Run attraction. But the next part of the video taken after the rain started to fall documents an evacuation from the PeopleMover attraction and seems to show just how heavy the precipitation can be in Central Florida.

It’s so heavy, Cinderella Castle disappears!


Nothing beats a good ride evacuation! #disney #disneyworld #disneyparks

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Now you see it, now you don’t! Cinderella Castle is barely visible through the drapery of rainfall in the video, and Tomorrowland is flooded, as it parts of Fantasyland.

It’s an interesting sight, but again, the rain doesn’t seem to be ridding the parks of Guests. (They’re probably all inside Starbucks or Casey’s Corner at Main Street, U.S.A., inside Pinocchio Haus at Fantasyland, or inside Columbia Harbour House at Liberty Square–just a few of the spots that can keep Guests dry for a few minutes until the rain stops.)

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