Guest has an unsettling, disgusting reaction to seeing Cinderella Castle for the first time

girl vomits at cinderella castle
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Something truly magical happens when a Guest captures her first glimpse of Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom.

For the Disney fan who has waited years to witness the royal spectacle first-hand, as well as for the Disney fan who’s visiting Magic Kingdom for the sixth time this year, there’s an instant spark, an immediate connection, and a magical sense of “home” when Cinderella Castle first comes into view.

Cinderella Castle | Walt Disney World Resort

Credit: Disney Parks

Some fans become giddy with excitement. Others jump up and down with reckless abandon. And lots of them cry. Hey, if you get it, you get it. No explanation needed.

Since the Walt Disney World Resort opened in 1971, Cinderella Castle has been an icon–not just for Magic Kingdom, but for Disney World as a whole. Sadly, many Guests see the castle, acknowledge her presence, and walk on by, using it only as a point of reference for where they are located in the park and where they’ll head to next. Many fail to realize the sheer wonder that lies in her design, in her construction, in her halls, and on her walls.

Somehow, we don’t think that’s the case with one young woman who recently visited the Most Magical Place on Earth during Walt Disney World‘s 50th anniversary celebration and had the most interesting and, quite frankly, the most disgusting reaction to seeing Cinderella’s homestead.

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In a video posted online, a user who simply goes by “Aida” shares a fellow Disney fan‘s reaction upon seeing Cinderella Castle as she walks down Main Street, U. S. A. toward the magnificent beauty.


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The young woman is clearly moved by the sight of the castle. She’s even brought to tears. But those tears quickly give way to a reaction that must have taken her and her traveling companions by surprise: she began to gag, and then she threw up.

girl vomits at cinderella castle

Credit: TikTok/@aidz_10

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Historically, a gagging reaction to anything usually signals a person’s disapproval of something; that he or she is disgusted by something–to the point of vomiting or nearly vomiting.

But in this case, the young Disney fan was so moved by the magical piece of royal realty, that she gagged and even vomited because of her emotions. (We’re thankful the video cut before the actual vomiting took place.)

girl vomits at cinderella castle

Credit: TikTok/@aidz_10

What’s so great about Cinderella Castle? Well, aside from being the very symbol of magic, wishes coming true, and childhood innocence at Magic Kingdom, the story of the structure, from its construction to its inner halls, is overwhelmingly breathtaking.

From start to finish, Cinderella Castle took 18 months to complete. Though it looks like it’s made of brick, the beautiful castle, inspired by 12th and 13th-century castles in France is actually made of gypsum plaster, fiberglass, steel beams, and concrete. Ten-inch-thick walls of concrete provide the castle’s outer shell and the appearance that it was finalized by a brick mason. The castle features gorgeous spires, beautiful ornate turrets, and even regal royal blue rooftops, which give it a magical feel every time a Guest looks up and gazes upon it.

Cinderella Castle

Credit: Disney

Guests approaching Magic Kingdom from the Transportation and Ticket Center via ferry or monorail can see Cinderella Castle long before they even get to the ticket turnstiles at the park. In fact, it can be seen from two miles away.

Cinderella Castle boasts 27 towers, each numbered 1 through 29. Towers 13 and 17 were never built because they would not have been able to be seen from any vantage point in the park. Tower 10 has a clock on it, and Towers 20 and 23 have real gold in their architecture.

First Look: Cinderella Castle Adds Regal Turrets at Magic Kingdom Park |  Disney Parks Blog

Credit: Disney Parks

The moat that surrounds the castle holds over 3 million gallons of water. There are 3 elevators in the castle; one leads to Cinderella’s Royal Table Restaurant, one is for Cast Members who work in the restaurant, and the third elevator leads to a hidden suite. High up on the fourth floor is a regally and ornately decorated apartment.

Perhaps the most staggering feature of Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom is her ornate corridor. As Guests make their way down Main Street U.S.A. toward the castle, they notice a walkway to the right and to the left of the castle forecourt. These walkways are blocked before and during parades and shows that take place in the forecourt. But during “non-show” times, Guests can walk up these walkways and through the main corridor of the castle.

cinderella castle

Credit: Becky Burkett/Disney Dining

The corridor is the location of some of the most amazing artwork in all of Magic Kingdom–and possibly in all of the Walt Disney World Resort. Along the walls of the corridor are five handcrafted mosaic murals. Each is a beautiful display of artwork that depict scenes from the story of Cinderella. Over 1 million pieces of glass in 500 different colors were used to create the mosaics. Some of the mosaics are even made of pieces of 14 karat gold and silver.

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Why any of this would make a Disney fan gag, we’ll never know! Here’s hoping the young woman was eventually able to compose herself and enjoy her day at Magic Kingdom.

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