The Worst Possible Disney Names For Your Child

worst disney names for child snow white and the seven dwarfs doc grumpy dopey sleepy sneezy bashful happy
Credit: Disney

Disney Fans are nothing if they’re not passionate, and sometimes that passion leads them to name real-world things they love after Disney World things. Disney names can be pretty cute when dogs, cats, and various other household pets are named after a Disney character (if the name is aptly chosen.) Sometimes, however, Disney fandom parents just go way too hard when naming a new (human) baby.

If you’re looking to mine a Disney movie for baby names, here are some to DEFINITELY stay away from.

1 – Mr./Mrs. Potato Head

A dynamic married toy couple in Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story films. Also, a name that will give your child body dysmorphia and a troubled relationship with potatoes.

2 – Dumbo

You see why this is bad, yes? Do I need to explain it? Two parts: bully fuel; one part: insecurity.

worst disney names for child mr potato head toy story dumbo elephant

Credit: Pixar Animation, Disney

3 – Eeyore

Hey, I’ve got nothing against Eeyore. But your kid will probably resent you for making a famously depressed donkey their namesake.

4 – Any of the Seven Dwarfs

Never a good idea to name someone after a character trait – very damaging to a person’s identity. I guess Doc is technically fine. Still weird, though.

5 – Sir Hiss

Sir Hiss from Disney’s 1973 Robin Hood is predictably a snake. Bad and silly name for a kid. Great name for a cat!

worst disney names for child eeyore winnie the pooh sir hiss robin hood

Credit: Disney

6 – Pinocchio

Could you imagine this kid’s trauma around fibbing? I mean, I know honesty is the best policy, but don’t you think their future therapist will have enough to sift through?

7 – Chernabog

Horrible name in general. Very unpleasant to the ears. Not to mention it references the demonic god of darkness in Disney’s 1940 Fantasia. Big yikes.

worst disney names for child pinocchio chernabog fantasia

Credit: Disney

The above Disney names are just some of the worst options parents could choose to name their child. A life with one of these names will almost certainly scar your child irreparably. Just remember to think twice before sourcing something like a Disney Princess movie or the Toy Story franchise for names.

Cute Disney character-inspired names do exist! I’d just also stay away from Tramp, Stitch, Captain Hook, Lightning McQueen, Hamm, and any variation of the Tweedles, but hey – it’s your baby.

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