TikTok BULLY Banned After Harassing ‘Disney Adults’

Disney adults
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Here we go again. Disney Adults are the new internet punching bag. It seems that if you’re not a Disney Adult, you hate them. Disney Adults are a new trendy name for something that’s always been a thing. Disney fans have always come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. That is by design- Walt wanted a place for all ages to enjoy, not just children. It seems someone forgot to tell the rest of the world though because, in a society that is increasingly intolerant of bullying, Disney Adults still seem to be fair game. The comment below was recently directed at me:

Disney adults

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One woman, a popular TikToker and mom, @annoyedlemon went off last month after she felt her children’s experience was diminished due to adults in line to meet Princesses. In an expletive-laden video, she said:

“If you are one of those f**king people standing in that line to get your picture taken with another adult who’s wearing a f**king costume, and you’re taking up that space that other people who have young children or have people with them that believe these characters are actually real… you’re wasting my motherf**king time. You’re a full-grown adult knowing that you’re basically taking pictures with a mall Santa Claus. Get a life and go find something else to do with your time and your f**king money.”

That wasn’t all. She went on the say that she was fuming mad and will never understand why adults would stand in line for photos with Ariel (albeit, she said it much more colorfully). It sounds like the “Pretzel lady” who ranted about (and coined the phrase) “Childless Millenials” all over again.

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Numerous people tried to explain it to her. Many explained that they have an emotional connection to the Parks or that it heals their inner child. Some said they were never able to go as a kid and they wanted to experience it in their adulthood instead. @annoyedlemon wasn’t having it though. She harassed and bullied every single comment, claiming they had “ruined Disney.”

This tirade led to her being banned from TikTok. The streaming platform said that the video and subsequent comments violated their “hateful conduct policy.” Did she learn her lesson? Is she remorseful now that her burgeoning TikTok account has been removed? Of course not. People like this never seem to learn.

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Disney adults

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Instead of an apology or any semblance of accepting responsibility, she fired back on her Podcast. In the hour-long tirade, she claims that Disney Adults “ran her off the internet.” She went on to rant about the Disney Adults that tried to explain their connection to the Parks and was clearly unmoved. She stated that Disney adults need to stop with the emotional sob stories. “You can’t all be going to Disney World to heal your inner child,” she said. “You can just come out and say you enjoy going to Disney. I don’t need the American Idol Voice story… the sob story.”

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She must be so fun at parties. Sadly, sentiments like this aren’t new. Disney Adults are regularly derided online. They constantly have to defend their vacation choice when it really isn’t anyone’s business where a person chooses to go for vacation.


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