Cheerleading Team Bullied Online and Reportedly Disqualified After Viral EPCOT Video

Cheerleading team bullied disqualified after epcot video

A video recently went viral showing yet more bad Guest behavior at Disney World. A group was recently put on blast after they jumped in a fountain in the France Pavilion at EPCOT. 

The video (which can be seen below) depicts a group of adult women in matching shirts lounging in the fountain cool off. This is strictly against the rules at Walt Disney World. The group, from Canada, apparently found the weather to be too much to bear. They jumped into the fountain to try to beat the Orlando heat, in direct violation of Disney’s rules.


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After the video went viral, the TikTok user posted an “Epcot Fountain Update,” as seen in the video below:


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The story doesn’t end there, however. We’ve since discovered that the group was at Disney World for their children’s Cheerleading competition. Eagle-eyed viewers of the viral video were able to determine that the women in the video were moms from Perfect Storm Athletics in Edmonton, Canada. The team was in Orlando to compete in the Cheerleading Worlds 2023 competition.

Since the video was posted, the team has become the target of online bullying. Disney fans have grabbed their pitchforks and let the team owners know just what they think of these mothers’ behavior. The team, who should be having the time of their lives at Walt Disney World and experiencing the magic of the Resort’s four theme parks, Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom, are instead dealing with the fallout of a select few parents’ behaviors.

After working so hard to get to the top of their sport, they should be focusing on their next competition routine in between rides on classic Disney attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean, Spaceship Earth, Tower of Terror, or  Expedition Everest ong with new favorite Disney attractions like Tron: Lightcyle/Run, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, Rise of the Resistance, and Avatar: Flight of Passage. Instead, they are being inundated with hateful comments left online. Many Disney Fans have not held back in letting the team know exactly how they feel about the mothers’ behavior.

Many comments involved calling the entire Athletics team trash. The video was posted to their official channels over and over. They were harassed so much that the team is now limiting who is able to comment on their posts. These comments are being left on the Cheerleading Worlds’ social media pages across multiple platforms as well as the teams’ various social media platforms, including the kids’ routine videos.

Cheerleading team bullied disqualified after epcot video

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It is also being reported in multiple cheerleading forums that the team has been disqualified, though this has not been confirmed. Perfect Storm Athletics did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the matter. Instead, they have said, “We are aware of the situation and have spoken to the individuals involved. We absolutely do not condone this sort of behavior and are very disappointed…” They went on to say that they would be discussing the code of conduct form that all parents signed with the team.

Cheerleading team bullied disqualified after viral epcot video

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A couple of days after the initial viral video post and the incident update video, a follow-up video noted the team reportedly did get to participate in the event, as shared in the video below:


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We will be sure to update Disney Dining readers with any further information.

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