Family Names Child After Disney Character as “A Joke”

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Unique baby names are a big trend right now. More and more, parents want their children to have a name that no one else has. One family wanted to name their children “fun and unique” names based 0n the parent’s personalities. Their six children now have names inspired by dad’s boxing hobby and mom’s Disney obsession.

Unique Disney Name Surprises the Public

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Pippa and Luke Tinskey knew that they wanted all of their children to have original names. They have Rocky-Tyson, who is three, who is named after the character Rocky Balbo and heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. Hatton, who is six, is named after British boxing legend Ricky Hatton. Joel-Scofield, who is 15, is named after Joel Madden, the singer of the band Good Charlotte, and Michael Schofield, a character from the TV show Prison Break. Autumn-Kyle, who is 13, and Sara-Lileigh, who is 11, were both named by their nanny Sara Houghton.

Child named Bambi

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When it came to naming the couple’s four-year-old daughter, they knew they wanted it to be something Disney-inspired. Pippa is a Disney fan, and the couple had a long list of names that they were considering for their baby girl. One of the names was ‘Bambi,’ which is the name of the deer from the 1942 Disney movie of the same name. The couple started using the name as a joke, but it eventually stuck. Mother Pippa explained, “I also knew I was going to have a Disney name for one of them and Bambi was on a list of ridiculous names, as a bit of a joke, but it just stuck.”

Couple Settles on Unique Disney Name

Bambi is certainly a unique name for a little girl. Pippa and Luke say that many people don’t usually believe that that is actually her name. They say, “Some people still don’t believe that’s actually her name… To be honest, she’s such a feral child – we should have called her Mowgli.”

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Pippa and Luke aren’t the only couples who like the unusual name Bambi for a girl. Influencer and Love Island star Molly Mae and her partner Tommy Fury announced that her child is also named Bambi. Who knows, maybe Bambi will join names like Jasmine, Belle, Jesse, and Tiana on the list of most popular Disney baby names!

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