Couple wants to name baby after the place where she was conceived, but it’s a Disney name. And they aren’t “Disney people”

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Each time you and your partner have a baby, you have a very important job–one that starts long before the long, sleepless nights, the burping, the diaper changes, and the teething.

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And no matter what name you choose, you’re bound to come across at least a few people who don’t like the name (even if you never asked for their input). Maybe it’s some kind of initiation process for new parents. It could be your mother-in-law who doesn’t like the name. Maybe your best friend thinks you should name your baby after her. Perhaps your great aunt thinks you should name your baby after her grandfather’s brother.

But what if the name you chose for your child leads to ridicule, name-calling, and bullying–because it’s a Disney name?

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A man whose wife is 21 weeks pregnant with their first child–a daughter–took to social media to air his concerns. And though his child isn’t even born yet, the couple’s process and reasons for choosing their baby’s name have already been met with ridicule and teasing. So what’s in store for their child after she’s born?

The man who only goes by Frumpy Cat on the online forum began his post by asking for help, as he and his wife are “torn over a baby name they love.” The couple compiled a list of names they loved for their baby girl, but one of those names stood out from the rest as their favorite. He says there’s only one problem.

“It’s also the name of a Disney character, and we’re not ‘Disney people,” the soon-to-be father wrote.

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But the new Dad didn’t stop there. He felt compelled to share some of the couple’s backstory, beginning by saying that they have been together for 10 years, and they had always planned on a “conscious conception ceremony.”

He and his wife made plans and traveled to the Pacific to French Polynesia with the intention of returning home as expectant parents.

“We had the most amazing trip and spent a ton of time in the ocean scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming with whales and turtles,” he explained. “[We feel] like the fertility of the ocean there was what helped us conceive so quickly on our first try.”

When he and his wife began to look at baby names, they both wanted to find a Polynesian word for “ocean” or “deep sea.”

The Polynesian word for “ocean” is “Moana.” Because the name is a Disney name, the man is concerned about how the name will be received by others, but he says he and his wife just knew that was the name for their baby.

Moana is a Polynesian princess who travels the ocean against her father’s wishes in search of new places to find fish for her community. She makes her journey with a crazy chicken named Hei Hei, a demigod named Maui, and a determination to follow the spirit of her grandmother who just passed away. Along the way she is nearly eaten by a giant crab who loves shiny things, and she must endure Maui’s arrogance and self-love. But ultimately, Moana is able to restore the heart of Te Fiti and defeat Te Ka.

All of this begs the question: What’s so bad about being named “Moana?”

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“[‘Moana‘ felt like the one,” he explained. “And then it hit us; if we choose this as her name, she will spend her entire life being associated with the Disney movie. When we tell people her name, I can already hear the response, ‘Oh, like the Disney character!'”

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The man was at a loss for what to do, so he turned to the Reddit online community for their thoughts, but instead of the community helping the new dad, many responded with the kinds of ridicule that the man and his wife fear the child might receive–although with very different words–and we aren’t sure if a single one of them is a Disney fan or not.

“What is a conscious conception ceremony, I hate it already,” responded one Redditor, while another said, “I mean she got pregnant on vacation. It’s not that uncommon. Idk why they have to frame it like this.”

Another Redditor shamed the baby’s parents, saying “They’re definitely gonna tell everyone why this poor girl is named ‘Moana‘ so that’s gross.” Another user agreed with that sentiment, saying “Maybe I’m a prude but it disgusts me when couples talk openly about where they conceived and want to incorporate it into their baby’s name.”

Then the teasing turned into mocking the idea of naming a baby where he or she was conceived, saying things like “My twins are both named IVF; gets confusing.”

Another user joked with “That makes me ‘Bedroom’ and it’s so basic. I might change it to ‘Beadrym’ because it’s more unique.”

But another user offered some sage advice, saying “Worrying about what others might say is a waste of life. Name your kid what y’all like. Teach her love and respect. Be proud parents, not afraid. Raise her right, and you have nothing to fear. A name is just a name. What you teach her is the key to parenting.”

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We may never know what the couple finally chose as their baby’s name, but even if they aren’t “Disney people,” as the new dad posted, would it be so bad to be named after a beloved Disney character? After all, it’s not like they’re naming her Minnie Mouse.

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