Disney Makes Changes to Genie+ That Guests Are Going to Love

stressful Disney Genie, Disney Genie+, and Lightning Lane
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Disney Genie+ is complicated. Many have complained that it is too complicated. In recent months, Disney has promised that they hear those complaints and are working to simplify the process. Over the past few months, changes have trickled out to make the experience easier. Today they issued an update that makes it MUCH easier.

Genie+ changes

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Disney Genie+ is a paid service offered by Disney theme parks that allows visitors to access shorter wait times for popular attractions. With Genie+, guests can use the app to book reservations for a selection of rides and shows. This service replaced FastPass in 2021 and has been the source of many complaints due to it being overcomplicated.

Simply finding rides to book has proven difficult for many guests. In the past, the app’s tips board listed Lightning Lane rides alongside non-Lightning Lane rides. This made booking a Lightning Lane reservation difficult because you’d have to wade through everything to find the ride you wanted. Since there are a limited amount of Lightning Lane reservations available, this costs valuable time.

Disney has now fixed this issue with a small but meaningful change. As of today, August 21, 2023, guests can now sort the list to show Lightning Lane attractions only. This filter will be helpful when planning your day and making your Lightning Lane selections. It’s a minor change that will have a big impact.

Disney Genie+ changes

Credit: Disney

Guests on X (formerly Twitter) have praised the change but hope for more. Currently, you’re only allowed to select a Lightning Lane for a specific attraction once per day. Because of this, fans hope the app will hide attractions that have already been chosen in the future so that only eligible (to you) attractions are visible.

Disney Genie+ changes

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Hopefully, this change will come soon. As always, stay tuned right here, where we will keep a close eye on the developments. As soon as we know about updates to Genie+, you’ll know.



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