Amid Disney Controversy Florida Ethics Commission Administrator Resigns

Glen Glizean

There has been a lot of controversy lately over the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Administrator Glen Gilzean. Many felt that it was a conflict of interest for to retain his position as Chairman of the Florida Ethics Commission. Report flooded the media last week about the precedent set preventing Glizean from serving on both boards.

Glen Gilzean

Credit: Facebook/Glen Gilzean

Today Glizean has resigned his position on the Ethics Commission in favor of the $400,000 a year position on the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District. In his resignation letter he stated that he was unaware of any conflict of interest until the media pointed it out.

WESH 2 News reports that the letter states, “position as District Administrator of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District may not be compatible with my position as a member and Chairman of the Florida Commission on Ethics. After reviewing the matter with legal counsel, I have decided that prudence dictates that I discontinue serving in one of the two positions. Therefore, I respectfully tender my resignation from the Florida Commission on Ethics, effective immediately.”

Glen Glizean

Credit: Facebook/Glen Gilzean

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appointed Glizean to both positions. However, Steven Zuilkowski, who serves as both general counsel and deputy executive director for the Ethics Commission, issued a professional opinion Gilzean’s Disney job conflicted with state law that governs who can serve on the ethics commission board. The law states that members of the Ethics Commission are prohibited from holding other public office.

Glizean’s resignation letter further stated, “Regrettably, if I had been aware of any issue presented by serving in the two positions, I would have addressed it immediately.”

Ethics Commission general counsel Steven Zuilkowski, however, had a very different story. The Orlando Sentinel reports that Zuilkowski responded saying, “During that conference call, [Ethics Commission Director] Ms.Still informed you of the requirement … and you informed us that you had received legal advice elsewhere about holding both positions. You stated you would contact me if you wanted my legal opinion.”

Glizean has said that this statement mischaracterizes the nature of the communication between Zuilkowski and himself. He further maintained no one ever raised an issue about the potential conflict with him. Neither representatives from the Florida Ethics Commission nor the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District have issued comment on the matter.


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