Jim Cantore is Headed to Florida…You Know What That Means

Jim cantore
Credit: pixabay, Facebook/Jim Cantore

If you know who Jim Cantore is, then you already know that his appearance in Florida isn’t a good sign. He’s The Weather Channel storm chaser and when he shows up, it’s time to stock up on hurricane supplies. As Tropical Storm Idalia is approaching Florida, so is Jim Cantore.

The weatherman tweeted yesterday that he was making preparations to head to Florida. Though exact locations were uncertain at time.


Some people responded to his post inviting him to their location. Since The Weather Channel is a national news outlet, many found it would be good publicity if one of the Country’s most popular weathermen showed up for his broadcast.

Hurricane Idalia Jim cantore

Credit: X/ @DrewNewman

Others wanted him far away from their towns. This makes sense because Cantore doesn’t just go near the storm, he goes right into the heart of it.

Hurricane Indalia Jim cantore

Credit: X/@ChasBWI

Amygator chose to have a bit of good natured fun at his expense sharing memes like this one likening Cantore to the Santa Claus of a hurricanes :

Hurricane Idalia Jim Cantore

Credit: X/@Amygator

We have to admit, this one made us laugh. This person’s meme suggested that Cantore be trespassed from Florida to keep the hurricanes away.

Huricane Idalia Jim Cantore

Credit: X/@amygator

Jim Cantore shared just hours ago that Tropical Storm Idaila is going to be stronger than initially expected. By the time it makes landfall, Idalia is expected to be a major hurricane. This means it carries a sustained wind of more than 111 miles per hour. At those speeds even well built homes will suffer significant damage, power will be out for several days, and flooding is likely to occur.

Floridians have grown accustomed to seeing Jim Cantore show up. Many joke that they won’t take a storm seriously until he arrives. The storm chaser certainly has a knack for predicting where a storms impact will be strongest.

Hurricane Idalia Jim Cantore

Credit: X/Lsuwcd2016

Current projections do show significant impact to Orlando and the surrounding areas as the storm moves across the state. We will keep a close eye on the storm and keep you updated as the day progresses.



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