Guests Are Cancelling Trips to Disney World Due to Unpredictable Florida Weather

Guests Are Cancelling Trips to Disney World Due to Unpredictable Florida Weather
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“Rain, rain, go away…”

This summer has been a particularly poor one for the weather in Florida. Although the summer months always bring rain and unbearable temperatures, 2023 has made a name for itself as one of the roughest Florida summers on record. We’ve already seen consecutive triple-digit days accompanied by nasty thunderstorms. It almost feels like we’re building up to something big as hurricane season carries on. The weather has impacted many vacations to Walt Disney World this year. Unpredictability and pop-up thunderstorms have driven loads of Guests away from the Parks. Severe, threatening heat has forced many to consider staying home. In fact, due to the concerning weather, many Disney World Guests are considering canceling or postponing their upcoming trips. Disney World weather remains unpredictable, and unique. This year has some surprises in store.

Disney World Weather Is Unpredictable

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Walt Disney World sits in the center of a tropical climate peninsula surrounded by two oceans, one with warm water and the other much cooler. The very location of Disney World insists that weather WILL be unpredictable in nature, and Guests should always have a plan for rain. This writer had experienced winters at Walt Disney World when temperatures were in the 80s but dropped down below freezing in the early morning hours. It’s the nature of Florida’s weather. It’s hot, humid, and wet. However, this summer has been awkward in that the storms and heat feel as if they have a heightened intensity. Well, that’s because it is. 

Disney World Is Experiencing El Niño

Guests Are Cancelling Trips to Disney World Due to Unpredictable Florida Weather

Credit: Disney/ Canva

El Niño is an atmospheric response to Pacific surface temperatures rising above average. As the Pacific covers a large amount of the Earth’s surface, these changes infer heavier storms which bring higher amounts of rain, flooding, winds, and even hurricanes. The NOAA Climate Prediction Center believes that the likelihood of a moderate El Niño event forming into the winter is 84%, while severe event risk is 56%.

On June 8, the National Weather Service the arrival of El Niño, which makes sense as the natural event occurs every 2-7 years. Florida will be wetter than usual as El Niño expected to bring “wetter-than-average conditions from southern California to along the Gulf Coast” throughout the Fall and Winter. Because of this, some future Guests of Walt Disney World are second-guessing their travel plans.

Doing Disney World in the Rain

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As we said, rain is common almost daily at Walt Disney World, especially in warmer months. As unique weather systems will most likely create robust systems ready to soak Central Florida, there’s a good chance you’ll get wet if you visit Disney World over the next few months. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your vacation, though! 

Lower wait times are the most notable change you’ll notice at Walt Disney World when it rains. Many hide in stores or leave Disney property once the bottom falls out. Ride queues tend to empty if they’re outdoors. You should consider that during particular storms, certainly if they include lightning, many attractions and shows will cancel. This includes parades and fireworks. If rides operate safely, a rainy day is a great chance to take advantage of low wait times. 

Another consideration at Disney World in the rain is humidity. You’ve heard the saying, “It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity that will get you.” Well, that statement was most certainly first uttered by someone in Florida. The humidity in Central Florida is no joke and can be very demanding on the body. Once storms clear out, it isn’t uncommon for Guests to have difficulty breathing due to hot air that feels damp and thick. Dehydration is a serious concern as well. Many Guests will wear parkas once the rain begins to fall. Keeping one on after the rain has ended will make you feel like you’re in a sauna.

Should Weather Impact Your Vacation Dates

Postponing trip due to rain
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Reddit user u/muncamunca is one of many considering rescheduling their Disney World vacation. Ultimately this decision is up to you. Many Guests are concerned about the recent heat and rain and are opting to reschedule their late summer and fall vacations. As Disney World will most likely experience high levels of rainfall and severe storms as the year progresses, it is understandable that Guests would want to consider this in their planning. Concerns over potential hurricanes also attribute to uncertainty about when to visit Walt Disney World in the coming months.

Although hurricane season has been quiet so far, it was in 2022 as well until Hurrican Ian, a category 4 storm, made landfall on the state’s western coast devasting Fort Myers. Disney World shut down operations for two days during the storm as flooding caused significant issues inland. It is unclear if a similar storm system will make its way to Florida this year; considering El Niño, one might err on the side of caution. 


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