Which Disney Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Disney zodiac
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Forget asking people, “what’s your sign?” The real question is, “what’s your Disney character?” Disney characters can be relatable, and, in fact, they’re meant to be (see: Disney changed Belle to be more relatable)! Whether you feel like a Cinderella or a Simba depends on your unique personality, but your zodiac sign could play a role. Curious to see what Disney character matches up with your personality?

Aries- Merida 

Disney zodiac sign

Credit: Disney

As the first sign in the sun wheel, Aries is brave, fierce, loyal, and… hard-headed. They eventually come to the right conclusion, but they’ll have to learn it the hard way. That’s our Merida to a tee!

Like Aries, Merida is usually the first to act in a situation with her impulsive and courageous nature. That’s both a blessing and a curse: she doesn’t hesitate to do what needs to be done, but her impulsivity caused most of the troubles she had to fix.

Taurus- Tiana

Disney zodiac

Credit: Disney

Ever heard the phrase bullheaded? Then you understand Taurus! A Taurus is as stubborn as an ox but with ten times the heart. They’re the first to help a friend in need, but they’ll pursue their passions almost to a fault. If that isn’t Tiana, I don’t know what is!

Tiana single-mindedly pursued her dream to own her very one restaurant, to the exclusion of everything else. It wasn’t for selfish reasons or blind ambition, though. She wanted to make her father’s dream a reality. Just like a kind-hearted but tough-on-the-surface Taurus, Tiana only wanted to help her family and honor her dad- by almost any means necessary.

Gemini- Ariel 

Disney zodiac

Credit: Disney

Look, a Gemini’s got gadgets and gizmos aplenty…but who cares? No big deal. They want more! Playful and erratic Gemini is, above all else, busy! They are always on the go and always have a new project. Prone to boredom, a Gemini is always on the hunt for a new adventure- just like Ariel.

She loved her family and life in the ocean, but she couldn’t help the allure of something new! Often mistaken as disorganized, Geminis are just sidetracked like Ariel. It’s not that she didn’t want to go to the concert, she was just in the middle of something exciting! Her insatiable curiosity makes her a Gemini through and through.

Cancer- Pocahontas

Disney characters

Credit: Disney

Able to walk seamlessly between practical and emotional realms, Cancer looks at the world differently than most. However, a Cancer won’t blindly trust you. You’ll have to earn that. Pocahontas was all of these things in a nutshell (or should we say crab shell since Cancer is symbolized by the crustacean).

Pocahontas knew what was expected of her, but her heart wanted so much more. She balanced the weight of being the Chief’s daughter and her own person well (even if she didn’t always do what her father wanted). When she met John Smith, it wasn’t “love at first sight.” He needed to break through her tough and mistrusting exterior before sparks could fly.

Leo- Maleficent


Credit: Disney

Slow down there, Leo. We mean this as a compliment. Leo’s are passionate, fiery, and love to be in the spotlight, but they’ve got a flair for the dramatic. Just like Maleficent, they command attention everywhere they go.

To really understand Maleficent, you have to look beyond the classic Sleeping Beauty and check out the prequel Maleficent. She desired to be loved and went to any lengths to get it. When she wasn’t the center of attention, she quickly went from kind to fearsome. Let’s be honest, cursing a baby because you weren’t invited to their Christening? Hello drama queen!



Credit: Disney

No one is harder on a Virgo than themselves. They are concerned with critical, detail-oriented analysis and perfectionism but have a healing nature that …doesn’t always land well with others. They can be judgmental, but only because they want what’s best for you, just like Elsa.

Elsa viewed her power as a curse rather than a blessing because she couldn’t control it. She demanded perfection from herself that no one else would’ve imposed on her. This is why, when she lost control, she ran away to live in seclusion. This harsh self-punishment stemmed from a desire to be her best self in a world she couldn’t control.

When Anna came to her with Prince Hans, she was critical and judgmental, telling her that she couldn’t marry a man she’d just met- not out of a desire to control but out of love for her sister. Like Elsa, Virgo always thinks they know best (and often does)!

Libra- Jiminy Cricket

Disney zodiac character

Credit: Disney

Fair and justice-minded Libra takes a practical approach to life, and just like Jimmy Cricket, “always let your conscience be your guide,” could be Libra’s motto. Ever the diplomat, Libra isn’t likely to take sides, or make a drastic decision.

Like Libra, Jiminy Cricket can be seen as a bit of a killjoy, but that’s just because he is highly protective. He sees his friend going down a destructive path and tries to fix it rather than going along with a foolhardy plan. Just like a libra, he wasn’t overbearing with it. He let Pinniochio do his own thing, though, and just told him he was there for him.

Scorpio- Jack Skellington 

Jack Skellington

Credit: Disney

Of course, Jack Skellington is Scorpio, but that’s not JUST because Scorpio Season happens to include Halloween. Scorpios are one of the most mysterious signs. Deep and intense, and not afraid to plunge into the darker aspects, the Scorpio tends to seek out and understand the mysteries of life.

Magnetic and popular, Jack, like Scorpio, is rarely ever fully known by anyone. They tend to keep parts of themselves hidden away. Scorpios tend to be determined, ambitious, and even a touch obsessive, just like our Jack, who secretly longed for more than Halloweentown. As a fixed sign, despite longing for transformation and change, a Scorpio will always remain true to who they really are, just like Jack ultimately failed at being Santa and returned to what he was best- The Pumpkin King!

Sagittarius- Moana 


Credit: Disney

The expansive optimist Sagittarius loves to explore far and wide. Their enthusiasm and excitement may mean they are already moving on to the next big thing before finishing the first. They are spontaneous lovers of freedom and love to converse with a wide array of people. Moana embodies this perfectly.

Not content with life on the island, Moana needed more! She set off to return the heart of Tefiti and see what was beyond “the line where the sky meets the sea.” Her infectious optimism even won over the pessimistic and jaded Maui! Fearless to a fault, Moana (like a Sagittarius) jumps head first into adventure.

Capricorn- Judy Hopps 

Disney zodiac

Credit: Disney

A Capricorn is hard-working, determined, motivated, practical, reliable, and ambitious. They don’t care how long it takes them to get to the top of the mountain. They will get there. They are resilient, persistent, realistic, and disciplined, just like Judy Hopps.

Judy Hopps had a dream to be a police officer, and no one was going to talk her out of it. It didn’t matter how many times someone tried to tell her it was impossible- that just made her all the more determined to prove them wrong! She spent her whole life pursuing her dream. She works harder than anyone else to achieve her goal. Capricorns are very determined, and nothing can stop them when they want something.

Aquarius- Belle


Credit: Disney

An Aquarius is quirky and beats to the rhythm of their own drum. Aquarians are intellectual, offbeat individuals. Like Belle, they are independent and idealistic and don’t care if society accepts them or not.

Belle would rather be lost in a book than make small talk and very really fit in (there’s a whole song about it). She lived a rich inner life and spent much of her time with her head in the clouds. The Aquarius is deeply humanitarian and concerned for others. This is shown both in Belle’s willingness to trade places with her father in the Beast’s prison and also in her ability to see beyond appearances and eventually love Beast for who he truly was.


Disney zodiac

Credit: Disney

Just like Alice, a Pisces would love to exist “in a world of their own.” A Pisces is the most emotional of all the signs. They tend to be easily impressionable and adapt to those around them, often absorbing the energy of others. They may also be prone to escapism, whether that be substances or daydreaming, not facing situations as they are.

Alice is basically the Patron Saint of Pisces. No other character fits this description quite as well as she does. Who else but a Pisces could’ve dreamed up Wonderland? Deeply sensitive, Alice easily became wrapped up in her fantasy world and created characters she could both relate to and try to fix- another key trait of the Pisces.




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