All-New EPCOT-Themed Suite Lets You Sleep in Style

Epcot-themed suite
Credit: Disney

The news from Disney Treasure just keeps coming. Each announcement is even more exciting than the last but this one…this took our breath away. A brand-new EPCOT-themed suite is hitting the high seas on board the Disney Treasure.

Disney cruise line

Credit: Disney

High above all of the adventure of Disney Treasure lies another adventure, but this one is just for you and your family. The  Tomorrow Tower Suite will be the biggest (and most expensive) stateroom on board- and there’s only one of them so if you’ve got the cash to sail in extreme luxury, you’ll want to book quickly (booking begins September 21, 2023).

Themed around EPCOT, this suite embraces technology and tomorrow with futuristic elements that are sure to be a show stopper.  This suite is huge! At over 2,000 square feet it’s as big as some houses! Take a look at this suite:

Epcot suite

Credit: Disney

If that doesn’t take your breath away, I don’t know what  will. It’s easy to see the EPCOT inspiration but it stays away from being cheesy. While cheesy is sometimes fun, if I’m dishing out the kind of money I want classy, not cheesy.

One of the suite’s bedrooms gives off serious Galactic Starcruiser vibes. Apparently they weren’t kidding when they said that they designed that Star Wars themed hotel like a cruise ship.

Disney treasure Epcot suite

Credit: Disney

This bathroom! I’ve been in on many cruises in my life time, and I have never stayed in any state room that had a bathroom nicer than the one I have at home. Could you imagine after a long day of adventure in the board Disney pressure or coming back and relaxing into spectrum in the privacy of your own giant suite?

Disney treasure EPCOT suite

Credit: Disney

The Tomorrowland Tower Suite is the height of luxury. Something tells us this  EPCOT-themed suite is going to be constantly booked, no matter what Disney charges for it!

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