Uninvited Guest Spotted Roaming Walt Disney World’s EPCOT Theme Park

spaceship earth against the sky
Credit: Disney

There are some things everybody knows about Florida, wherever they come from in the United States. For one, it’s home to Walt Disney World Resort, one of the most amazing Resorts in the world.

It’s also home to competing theme parks such as Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld Orlando, and many others.

lion in the rain

Credit: Disney

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People also probably know that Florida’s weather is prone to mood swings. One moment it’s sunny, the next, it’s raining. Another connotation Florida’s earned for itself is its wildlife.

Alligators, bears, and even the Florida panther call the Sunshine State home. Occasionally, one of Florida’s wild residents will appear in one of Walt Disney World Resort’s theme parks.

Recently, one Guest captured a photo of a snake slithering its way through EPCOT:

Epcot Snake and 3 hour Cosmic Rewind suspension
byu/_elderEmo_ inDisneyWorld

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Typically, Guests will see black racers, but this is no black racer!

The snake captured slithering through EPCOT on camera here is likely an eastern rat snake.

epcot spaceship earth

Credit: Brian McGowan

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The eastern rat snake, also known as a rat snake, does precisely what the name implies: it eats rats and other rodents. These snakes are an essential part of the ecosystem and keep rats, mice, and other pests from overpopulating the Sunshine State.

Not only that, but they’re also primarily harmless to humans. They’re nonvenomous, and they’re not particularly aggressive either.

Spaceship Earth at EPCOT

Credit: Disney

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In short, if you see one of these guys while visiting Walt Disney World, simply let it pass! It’ll slither on its way and keep the rats and mice out of the Most Magical Place on Earth.

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