Kim Kardashian Involved Disney Exec in an Elaborate Prank

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Kim Kardashian recently made headlines by involving Disney in an elaborate prank. The celebrity is known for playing practical jokes, especially on her family and she even got a Disney executive in on her most recent prank.

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It all began when she walked into mom Kris Jenner’s home and said she had some very important news to share. In a move that proves families are the same no matter who they are, everyone assumed she was going to announce a pregnancy. Hilariously she responded,””No, by who? The 500 people I’m dating?”

Instead, she revealed that Disney had called her and approached her about a new project. She stood up, took a breath and informed them that Disney wanted her to be a contestant on The Bachelorette. The hit reality show shows a number of hopeful suitors vying for the attention and affection of one woman (conversely, the equally popular show The Bachelor is exactly the same only with the roles reversed).

Kris Jenner had an ironically strong reaction to the news. The Kardashian matriarch, whose claim to fame was reality TV, was adamantly against the idea of her daughter appearing on The Bachelorette. No, not happening. Nope,” she said. “I’m the momager, manager, mother, name a title, I’ll put any hat on that you want. But you’re not doing this.”

The Bachelorette

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Sister Khloe agreed saying, “100% you’re not doing this. There’s no way…she’s doing this.” She then asked, “You’re gonna be stuck in a house with 20 strange men that you have to make out with? Are you okay?”

Khloe rationalized her disapproval by saying they wouldn’t let her have her glam team with her and that making out with random people would be “gross.”

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Kim was adamant though that this was real and she was absolutely going forward with the show. She even claimed they were going to film the season in Malibu so that she’d be close to home. “You guys, I’ve thought this through and thought it was so much fun,” she told her shocked family.

Far from giving up the ruse, she doubled down explaining that Rob Mills, Executive Vice President of Unscripted content for Disney — which ABC, the network that Bachelorette airs on, called her and pitched the whole thing. She said he assured her it would be a great experience for her.

When Jenner still refused to get on board, Kim Kardashian encouraged her mother to call Mills herself to discuss it.

Jenner put on her self-proclaimed “momager” hat and did just that. This is where the prank would normally fall apart but Kim proved she’s a master trickster by covering her bases.

Rob Mills

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Mills took the call and listened to Jenners concerns, mostly revolving around how much they’d pay and reassured her that they were “open to negotiations.” He said Kim’s involvement would be “great for her and the show.”

Before the call ended Jenner said this wasn’t “exactly the space I saw Kim in,” adding that her daughter had an extremely busy life and children to care for. Mills, all too pleased to be in on the gag, stayed in character saying, “I think somebody who has put everybody first and now is looking for this guy is what’s gonna make this really special.”

After they hung up Kim, feeling very pleased with herself, explained, “I’m kidding, it was a prank. The head of Disney was in on it.” Everyone in the room let out an audible sigh of relief. Blink-182 front-man and husband to Kourtney Kardashian, said he wasn’t fooled and had been sitting there the whole time thinking “there’s no f—-ing way.”

Kardashian's at Disneyland

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Kim Kardashian remains an extremely popular celebrity but has become persona non grata amongst Disney fans. Kim’s habit of being entitled and elitist has annoyed many and her habit of closing down entire rides and skipping lines has been the final straw for guests who were forced to witness her “in-park” antics.

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