Disney Fans Abandon Disney+ After Controversial Changes

disney plus marvel studios secret invasion content walt disney company disney's content quality lower quality ali selim bob iger
Credit: Disney

#CancelDisneyPlus is rising in popularity. But why exactly?

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disney plus marvel studios secret invasion content walt disney company disney's content quality lower quality ali selim bob iger

Credit: Disney

Controversial Changes

Last week, during the Walt Disney Company’s earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced price hikes coming to the streaming service and attempts to crack down on password sharing. Those two issues have rubbed many long-time Disney fans (and Disney Plus subscribers) the wrong way. As such, a trending search on social media has become “Cancel Disney Plus.”


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It seems many people only subscribe for access to new Marvel or Star Wars content and not much else (well…maybe Bluey). But as prices go up and the popularity of the content goes down, many subscribers are looking to cancel.

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In addition to Disney Plus, many subscribers have considered (or already have) cancelling Hulu and other services. In the past four years, Hulu with Live TV (just like Disney Plus) has almost doubled in price. Problems with keeping streaming subscribers affect many other services, but Disney Plus is the hardest hit. Many may point to the politics now associated with the company, but other factors are likely at play: the price, the content quality, and the perceived value.

Disney Bundle

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Disney Plus Subscribers

Although some are looking to save money to opt for an ad-supported subscription, many don’t like that option. Disney Plus has been consistently losing subscribers over the past few quarters, and it doesn’t appear that raising the prices on those who have remained loyal will necessarily pay off. However, it seems increasingly likely that Disney Plus may have to do something more drastic to survive, such as combine with Hulu or license its original content to other services.

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Bob Iger


In the meantime, #CancelDisneyPlus is something Bob Iger doesn’t want to see trending...

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