Disney Scraps $53 Million Dollar Movie Just Weeks After Its Premiere

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It is hard to believe that this is lucrative for the company…

In a surprising turn of events, Disney has decided to remove Crater from its popular streaming service, Disney+. The film, directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez and starring the talented McKenna Grace, was a Disney Sci-Fi original directed toward a teenage audience.

Crater was expected to be a thrilling adventure film that would capture the imaginations of Disney fans. Capitalizing on the success of other science fiction shows and movies like Stranger Things and Star Wars, Crater seemed like a perfect fit for Disney at this time.


Credit: Disney

A Disney Original Gets Discarded

Only 48 days after premiering, Disney made the decision to pull the movie from the Disney+ streaming service. This announcement has stunned fans due to the fact that Disney invested $53 million into the film. Its speedy removal has made fans question why Disney would invest in a project just to pull it from the public so quickly.

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With the streaming industry becoming increasingly competitive, Disney+ has faced stiff competition from other platforms like HBO Max, Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu. This removal of “Crater” follows a recent trend of Disney removing titles from its streaming platform. Earlier this year, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that the company was expecting around a $400 million write-down as they removed numerous titles from the Disney+ platform. Moving forward, Disney will be invoking a “quality, not quantity” approach when it comes to their future original titles.


Credit: Disney

What This Means for Future Films

The removal of the movie Crater is a humbling reminder that Disney is willing and planning to remove a large number of films and shows in the next few weeks, even the new original content. If a film is coming to Disney+ that you want to see, it is advised that you watch it as soon as possible. In this new age of streaming, it is more clear than ever that nothing is permanent.

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