Say Goodbye to Disney+ as We Know It

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The 2023 Quarter Two earnings call for the Walt Disney Company was an interesting one, to say the least.

In the late afternoon of May 10, 2023, the Walt Disney Company shared its quarterly earnings with the public. Shortly after, Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, spoke to the public to explain more context to the numbers the public had just viewed for the first time. This earnings call is the second that Iger has led this year since returning as CEO of the Walt Disney Company. Unsurprisingly, it came with no lack of new announcements for the public.

One of the most significant announcements from the call is that the company’s streaming service, Disney+, will no longer be available as fans know it. 

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Iger Announces Disney+ App Restructure That Will Change the Future of Streaming

There is no doubt about it: the streaming industry has changed everything for Disney. In order to stay competitive in this new territory, Disney has announced it will be ditching the Disney+ application for a new experience.

The Walt Disney Company has continued to make strides in expanding its reach in the streaming service industry. Today, Disney announced they are launching a new app that will conjoin Disney+ and Hulu. This move is part of the company’s grand plan to provide subscribers with a unified streaming experience, offering more opportunities for engagement and content consumption.

Disney + and Hulu New App: A Unified Streaming Experience

With the launch of the unified app, Disney+ subscribers will be able to easily switch over to Hulu content, including Hulu Live TV, which offers live sports events and shows. Hulu subscribers will also be able to switch to Disney+ to view its expansive library of films and TV shows.

The emergence of the Disney+ and Hulu collaboration will have a significant impact on the traditional cable and satellite TV model as more and more subscribers seek alternative options for their entertainment needs. It also marks a historic end to Disney’s reputation for having a strictly wholesome, family-friendly streaming app.


Credit: Hulu

The new app marks a major milestone in Disney’s strategic plan to create the best streaming app on the market. This new Disney+ and Hulu new app represents a groundbreaking development in the streaming service industry, enabling subscribers to access both platforms in one place. As content consumption continues to evolve, the Disney+ and Hulu app places Disney in a prime position to meet the shifting needs of content consumers.

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