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Tower of Terror vs. Haunted Mansion: Which is Better?

Tower of Terror vs haunted mansion

It’s an age-old question. Well, maybe not. But it’s a few decades old. Which is a better ride at Walt Disney World Resort, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror or the Haunted Mansion? Related: New Haunted Mansion Expansion Coming Soon to Disney Park They both attempt to scare riders through a ghostly backstory, special effects, and unsettling buildings. But let’s ...

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What Group Is Ruining Disney? Hint…It’s Not Disney Adults or Influencers

Disney Guests with "Worst" label

There has been much reporting on how “Disney Adults” or social media influencers are ruining the Disney experience, particularly at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. Related: Entitled Disney Adults are the Problem, Not Kids Although individuals in these groups may have caused problems over recent years, a much more troubling group is destroying the magic of the Disney ...

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COMBINING Country Bear Jamboree and The Hall of Presidents?

Henry from Country Bear Jamboree at the Hall of Presidents

Disney has suffered some economic problems as of late. Its stock price has fallen, and many movies have disappointing box office numbers. However, their theme parks, cruises, and experiences sector still makes money. Related: Is Disney’s Critter Country Becoming Obsolete? Fans Fear the Area Is Dwindling Away Walt Disney Company Budget But the Walt Disney Company may have to start ...

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Opening Day Attractions You Can Still Enjoy at Disney

walt disney world disneyland theme park disney character costume head inside hot visibility mickey mouse stitch pluto donald duck mr. smee mrs. incredible

Opening on July 17, 1955, Disneyland Park changed the world. Over the past few decades since then, it has undergone multiple changes, including the addition of adjacent hotels, Downtown Disney, and Disney California Adventure Park. But let’s explore the attractions that were there from the very beginning. RELATED: Disneyland Announces Major Cutback, Change Effective Soon The Mad Tea Party Although the ...

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How to “Fix” Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney California Adventure turning into DIsney's Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is an interesting theme park. Although it was once a flawlessly themed park (like many other Disney properties), it has since become a hodge podge of different ideas and concepts. RELATED: Change My Mind: Journey into Imagination with Figment is BETTER than Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind When it first opened (and even through the ’90s), it ...

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Another Controversial Change Happening to Live Action ‘Snow White’

Snow White 7 dwarfs

The controversies keep piling up for the Walt Disney Company over the upcoming live-action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (re-titled to just Snow White). RELATED: The Official Guide to Each Live-Action “Snow White” Controversy (So Far) The First Controversies First was pushback over the casting of Rachel Zegler. Being of Polish and Colombian descent, she is a woman ...

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Disney Cast Member Gets Perfect Revenge at Magic Kingdom

Angry Disney fans

Disney cast members are part of what makes a trip to Walt Disney World Resort so magical. Many go above and beyond to ensure your vacation is as memorable and wonderful as possible. Likewise, many guests at Walt Disney World are also there to have a magical time. But not all guests. There are many stories of theme park visitors ...

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New Disney Plus Series Based Off Box Office Flop

elemental's box office toy story disney pixar film leah lewis fire walt disney company pixar history animated film ticket sales

The box office has not been kind to Disney over the past year. The studio and its subsidiaries have released a series of flops (or box office bombs) that cost the Walt Disney Company over $1 billion. The unfortunate trend began with Lightyear (2022). RELATED: Two ‘Lightyear’ Executives Are Among the 75 Pixar Employees Fired by Disney A Year of Flops ...

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Star Wars: Revenge of Qui-Gon

Qui Gon Jinn with Light Saber

It’s never a good look for a film franchise when one of its largest stars criticizes its direction. Disney and Lucasfilm have found itself in such a situation. Liam Neeson, who famously portrayed the character of Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, has done just that. In the fourth Star Wars movie ever made, he played ...

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