COMBINING Country Bear Jamboree and The Hall of Presidents?

Henry from Country Bear Jamboree at the Hall of Presidents
Credit: Disney / D23 / Canva Editing

Disney has suffered some economic problems as of late. Its stock price has fallen, and many movies have disappointing box office numbers. However, their theme parks, cruises, and experiences sector still makes money.

Cinderella Castle

Credit: Disney

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Walt Disney Company Budget

But the Walt Disney Company may have to start looking at ways to cut back on its expenses, as the SAG-AFRA strike will further impact its ability to make any new movies or content – for movie theaters or Disney Plus.

So what can Walt Disney World Resort do to help the company’s bottom line? Combing attractions would be one of the simpler ideas. But if so, which ones? You can’t very quickly move Space Mountain or Cinderella Castle. But what about a handful of audio-animatronics? Maybe.

Country Bear Jamboree at Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney

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In Disneyland Park, Disney manages to swap out some scenes and figures when they retheme the Haunted Mansion to Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas during the holidays. So why can’t Magic Kingdom Park do something similar?

Combining Two Attractions into One

So, I suggest the following measure for Magic Kingdom Park – combine the Hall of Presidents and the Country Bear Jamboree. Each attraction has its own classic Disney charm and nostalgia, but neither are the most popular at the Disney Park. Nevertheless, combining the two audio-animatronic shows could be a beautiful way to revive both attractions!

Big Al at Country Bear Jamboree at Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney

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Picture it… George Washington performing at Grizzly Hall as a presidential version of Henry Dixon Taylor while Abraham Lincoln sings “Blood on the Saddle,” and former President Donald Trump has a dueling guitar number with President Joe Biden – bringing callbacks to the 2020 presidential debates.

Donald Trump Hall of Presidents

Credit: Disney

Or the Country Bears could move into The Hall of Presidents and contribute to the patriotic words spoken by our country’s current leader.

Teddi Berra can even drop down from the ceiling on a swing and treat viewers to her rendition of the National Anthem or “America the Beautiful” while the presidents silently stare in awe.

And Trixie can sing “Tears will be the Chaser for Your Wine” as an ode to lost elections of former presidential candidates. The Five Bear Rugs band can even be stand-ins for the Founding Fathers (if space is an issue on stage).

Country Bear Jamboree

Credit: Disney

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Or maybe we could even just replace the last dozen or so United States presidents with the current Country Bears.

It might offend some supporters, but it may also end cheers and jeers sometimes heard from rowdy guests as they enjoy the attraction. If so, the show would never need to be updated with additional audio-animatronics every four or every eight years.

Some may think these ideas are un-American and un-Disney, but quite the opposite. What better way to honor the legacy of America and Walt E. Disney than by reviving interest in a show that still celebrates the United States of America and audio-animatronics?

Besides, what’s more American than presidents, bears, and country music, anyway?

Hall of President

Credit: Disney Dining

Alas, Farewell Country Bear Jamboree

The iconic Country Bear Jamboree attraction at Magic Kingdom Park is set to close on January 27, 2024, to make way for a new, reimagined experience in its place.

The brand-new experience will reportedly pay homage to classical musical revues in Nashville, Tennessee. Imagineers are working with musicians from the Nashville area so they can capture the authentic sound they’re striving for.

Country Bear Jamboree

Credit: Disney

A few things are staying the same–Trixie, Big Al, and many other recognizable characters from the attraction will return, but the newly-reimagined experience will have a slight name change: The Country Bear Musical Jamboree.

A combination of The Hall of Presidents and Country Bear Jamboree would have been a sight, to say the least!

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