Disney Actor Sets Himself on Fire To Support SAG AFTRA

Actor on Fire Protesting
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As many people know who follow entertainment news, there is currently a SAG AFTRA strike going on in Hollywood. The battle lines have been drawn, and Disney CEO Bob Iger has found himself in the crosshairs of some workers on strike. He has been called out by name by SAG president Fran Drescher and by Bryan Cranston. But another individual with ties to Disney wants to draw more attention to the actor’s strike…

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Stunt Coordinator and Stunt Worker

Harrison Ford‘s stunt performer Mike Massa is fresh off of starring in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023). He decided to make a stand as a union board member and an advocate of the work that stunt actors do.

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During a protest last week, he set himself on fire. “We are tired of being burned by the AMPTP,” Mike Massa wrote in an Instagram post shared by Elena Sanchez.

Mike Massa sets himself on fire

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The flames began on his legs and rose to the back of his torso and arms before being extinguished.

The Flames Heard ‘Round the World

Mike Massa’s effort has garnered the protest a few more articles of publicity by drawing attention to the work that stunt performers put themselves through during an average day on set. In addition to working as Harrison Ford’s stunt double in Indiana Jones 5, Mike Massa has also worked on Stranger Things, the Fast and Furious franchise, Blade Runner 2049 (2017), Star Trek, and The Italian Job (2003).

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The protest happened on Monday, July 24, and the following day, Mike Massa thanked his fellow stunt crew for their assistance with the…stunt. He posted the message, “We wanted to make a statement and I think we did! It was great to see such a great turnout from our local Stunt community.”

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