The Worst Disney World Guests of 2023 (So far…)

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This year has seen many Walt Disney World Resort guests who have been horrible. Some have been intoxicated, others have attacked cast members, and a few have even drawn blood while fighting other parkgoers.

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Although there is another quarter of the year, we thought it’d be an excellent time to take a break and recap on the worst Walt Disney World guests so far.

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Finger Biter

Although this incident happened in December of 2022, it wasn’t officially reported or made public until this past summer. It involved a violent fight at EPCOT’s nighttime show “Harmonious.”


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One guest was hospitalized after she was attacked by another Disney park guest who bit off part of her middle finger. A woman named Emily was blocking someone else’s view of the nighttime show, and it seemed to escalate from there. It involved scratching, kicking, yelling, and screaming.

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When law enforcement questioned Emily, she claimed she was the victim and was attacked by multiple people.

Bloody At Magic Kingdom

This incident occurred as two guests fought over line-cutting at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom Park. One woman (Eboni McFarley) entered the queue with four children. As she tried to make her way through the line to “join the rest of her party,” a pair of senior citizens refused to move. The two seniors (64 and 73 years old) told McFarley she’d have to wait like everybody else.

Mine Cart

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According to those who saw the exchange, McFarley became agitated and tried to push her way through anyway. As she forced past the pair of seniors, one of them got scratched, drawing blood. As others tried to intervene, the situation only got worse.

Witnesses said they also found themselves getting pushed and attacked by McFarley. McFarley maintained her innocence, stated she did nothing wrong, and was the victim in the scenario. Nevertheless, she was trespassed from Walt Disney World Resort, meaning she is banned from ever returning to the Disney theme parks.

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Photo Fight

On May 16, two families visited Magic Kingdom Park but soon became subjects of a viral video of theme park violence. The confrontation allegedly arose when one family requested the other to move aside for a photo. In response, the family being asked to move became upset and resorted to throwing punches. Equally distressing in the video was a woman holding a toddler while a young boy watched from the sidelines.

The Sheriff’s Office confirmed no one was arrested after the fight, but Disney did serve two trespass notices.

Do you agree with these selections? Are there worse guests you’ve come across or heard about this year? Let us know!

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